Wednesday, May 13, 2015

News and Myths...AJ's messing with us.

I have again infiltrated into the AJ News. According to the front page, cheetahs are leaving.

Quote by anonymous phantom: GET OUT OF HEAR!

Remember the good ol' days,...honoring that same old guy here today when the cheetahs are back...I respect that guy. His boss should have gave him a raise. This was 20 days before this blog was born, so he had a knack for this too.

No, that was not you, Dave.

Anyways, vice versa of the news clipping above:
 Oh, goody: bowling!

Me: LETS TRY OUT MY POWERS (I'm pretty good at bowling in rl)
Me: (clicks on "Join Me")
Person cancels at the last second
Me stuck and this screen here:
 Me: can actually move around outside. Uh oh.

Me: logs out and tries again
Me: this time I host Bowling
Me: wins by 9 VS two gutters on first round
Me:Wins 20 gems
Me:Wait where's the OK button
 I was looking for this: glitches are best the day of a new arrival. Keep that in mind.
Amazingly, the den I thought was going to lose has won! Wow. That dragon is very convincing. Those of you who are sad, look at that picture frame next to the bookshelf.

Don't thank me. That frame is awesome.
 Finally long necked water weasels are leaving! Thank goodness.Phew.
 Blah blah blah, summer carnival. I can't wait. That means spring is almost over.
Like what I was saying.......................................................

Anyways, only a few of the AJ myths were answered by AJHQ today. Lookee:

Myth Busters!

All the answers are no. So:

  • AJ is not closing
  • AJ is not hacked
  • Wearing white and dancing around the diamond shop sculpture is not going to do anything.

Well, I'm just glad about the last thing, I'm sick of those dancing snooty artics who bark at everyone to dance for hours for nothing. FINALLY.

Sadly, they will keep on messing with us in the AJ Insider's guide about the bridge to Coral Canyons and the ice pit in Mt. Shiveer.

My Story explaination for both:

March Story Post: The Bridge

Wanna know what they said in that guide? "It doesn't give you gems,...or does it?"

AJ gets the prize for messing with us. They'll pay.


'Till we see each other again, phantasmas!

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