Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day (for the US) and Fireworks, and by by by by by

Hey guys and for us, its the day of the free

there's probably going to be fireworks, which you can make kinda safely.


There's fireworks pretty much everywhere now.

Anyways, as you noticed, the most recent posts have been going down in quality because of busy schedules and things, but mostly because I have other things to do.

So I'm planning to quit the blog probably on this month.

I guess I would call that a retirement judging from what I'm going to be doing here, but I'm probably still going to play AJ. Just the blog. Not the game.

Expect most of my Pinterest stuff to be private.

Feel free to look around the blog and celebrate on NOTP, or the two nights before, aka the blog's first founding date.

Thanks to all the phantoms that helped this blog with support and fan-likeness, and finally, I'm really sorry to be leaving so soon. I guess I'll just be moving on with life now.

Bye phantoms. This time for real.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Azelfs and Stuff

Hello, Azelfs: Yes, I have seen your comments and is really upset. But then again, we're all going to quit AJ some time soon nowadays so I hope we can still keep in touch some other way. Its been nice being able to do something other than blog with someone else, but that can change. Remember that we'll miss you and yes, I'll keep you in story posts. If you don't want your stuff anymore you know who to see, though the stuff isn't what I'm worried about.

Anyways, we have some things on the Daily Explorer about AJ requirements.Jammer Tip Requirements


Bye guys, I have to go now.
May the phantoms be with you (always)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dail Dail Dail and Switching Animals

On the Daily Explorer we have an article about Mt. Shiveer.
Anyways I wish they should have rephrased a certain sentence.

" Inside the cocoa hut you can find a delicious hot cocoa machine! "

Thats gross. Hot cocoa machines are not delicious. Hot cocoa is! Thats disgusting!

Well, then again, thats your opinion. If you like eating hot cocoa machines, thats fine with me (I think.)

Anyways, what kind of evil scorcery does AJ use when they do...THIS?!!!
No, but seriously. I don't get it. Animals can change into other animals plus fancy green magic, too? Weird!

And finally, the achievments have gone haywire.
You may not be able to see it at first, but my mouse is over the Welcome to the Club Achievemnt and the title is all the way at the bottom.

Bye guys, and sorry for the short posts!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Very Dearly Sorry and Stuff. LOTS AND LOTS OF STUFF

First of all, I'm very sorry I don't have a mobile device to catch up posts over on vacation. We just went somewhere breifly yesterday, and if you ask me if I saw any animals, I will sadly push you away and say, no.

Fine then. I saw a deer.

JUST ONE, THOUGH. It was just a stupid guy-deer.

When I say guy-deer I mean.....GUY....DEER.


Good to hear. Now, whats this stuff on Daily Explorer?

eh. A roll by roll:

  • this video.
  • another comic that encourages things. Sighs.
  • Play Wild is here and all, blah blah blah.
  • Fireworks. Yaaaaaay. And do not make me think of Super Bowl XLIX halftime.

And just to bring it out, here are some stuff about me:

I have recently searched up my mbti stats and apparently I am ISTP. If you look that up on fandom charts that means I am either Will, Harry Potter (yeah) or Chewbacca.


that scares me. alot.

and finally, about the Freedom Party.

Everything is typical, but we do get some new fireworks!

Clue: my and cutielol45's favorite endangered animal





Anyways. Last thing:

can you find any constellations in the Freedom Party sky?

good bye.

Monday, June 29, 2015


The RIM is actually pretty impressive...IF you wear the right colors. Otherwise, not so much. You can only get in one color, and that is purple.


Anyways, I played Meet Cosmo. After a long time of Search for Greely it seemed like the quality was beta....or was it? Dun dun dun!

Actual size.

bye guys.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Story Post: Stirring

And it was empty.

An abandoned world watches a dry leaf scatter across the buildings, the only sound to be heard.

And there was no one but the world to hear.

This was how it is like when a world is not full.

Then there was a thud, a drag, and muffling noises.

This is how it is like when someone has just committed a case of kidnapping.

Only this time, that part was already done.

Now it was an execution.

There was a stench that soared high above the tiny buildings, daring distant worlds to come find it. That's was a mocking dare was, because not even one did.

That was a good thing.

And finally there was a silence produced from the bird that was delivered to the gallows. Obviously she knew this place; obviously she was trying to savor it like a last meal. Try as she might, it wouldn't work.

They wouldn't let it work.

There was the pushy ones, that tried to drag it on as fast as possible.

Those were the ones that had something better to do.

There were the even more pushy ones.

Those were the ones that hated her.

There were the patient ones that with the authority of an entire nation underneath their tendrils, and decided to take their time so it would be the most painful experience she ever felt.

Those were the ones that hated her the most.

And so all them lined up around the victim. Some were recognizable.

Azelfs was grinning madly at this. She herself had requested to prepare the victim with the torturing so she would be to weak to fight back. She also had requested delivering the final execution, which to her delight was granted after permission from the elders.

Then there was the one that was very, very, very sightly blue. They could not see color but she could. The victim was quite disgusted that Greely would stand and watch her last day, but it was rather not surprising.

Then there was one that like Azelfs, looked like them but wasn't them. It stared on at her with expressionless face, though she thought she could see fury boiling inside.

It was more pleased when her lover died, but that was no excused. And she rather corrected herself, it wasn't an it.

As soon as she stumbled past it, she suddenly saw a flash of a trace...of a smile.

That would be I.

And so I, along with Azelfs, Greely, and a few others who managed to sneak in, watched as she stepped up the circle stone and stood up straight.

Azelfs knew this was her turn. She selected which lucky tendril out of her eight new ones would be so lucky to end the last of the shivering mess of the bird. She truly was that, after all.

And she reached out and fused all her energy right then and there.

As them and I stared at the last, there was a tremor, a shake, and a gasp.

They all rumbled across the land, daring other worlds to hear.

They did.

That was a good thing.

That was how it was like when a person of high importance died.

However, to them she was hardly worth anything.

Everyone, including I, smiled.

Azelfs triumphantly held the limp body while one of the elders pulled out a gadget and strapped it to the wing. It hummed to life and Azelfs felt the body stiffen and turn hard.

Petrification? Check.

They propped it on the stone. I helped, too.

After fastening it on the stone, Azelfs ripped the gadget off and she and I floated toward the forest which was not far from our present location.

In the dying fireplace a column of smoke trailed up into the trees from embers almost out.

Azelfs and I set the gadget down. I burrowed it into the embers and pressed the button.

Soul Saving? Check.

Mission Accomplished? Check.

Azelfs sighed.

"Why is it that we have to keep the soul alive still?"

I smiled.

" Because she'll not only stay here forever and feel pain, this way she can see us and can do nothing about it, plus she'll never be joined with Zios forever now."

Azelfs nodded solemnly and turned toward to the town again. I followed, whispering a few words.

"Eternal pain is much worse than death."


Some have been foolish enough to believe that they can save Mira.

They are too late.

Now every time you see the statue of the bird high near the Township you will know that she is dead and you can do nothing about it.

And every time you dance in the fireplace of Sarepia you will know that you are paining her by letting her soul see you but, being a soul, can do nothing about it.

And this time I can confirm they have a much better plan.

You may have the beacon, but be warned.

We have destroyed Zios for all to see.

Mira is no longer alive as soon as you see this.

We're going to get the Alphas next.

We're going to get everything back.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Llamas are here and ready. yaaaaaay......
Llamas Have Arrived!
Get a free 100 gems by clicking the badges in the minibook.
Epic Den
I wish my membership was still around to see my phantom den....maybe I could have got a shot at an epic den.

Then they actually explain whats the fuss is about the New Jammer thing,
Jammer Tip: New Jammer
Well thankfully that is explained. I thought that was a little pointless when you needed the username of a newbie nowadays.

Anyways, I need to go now. Byeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Finally we get some news on hand! All right!

But first lets bring up a very important manner:
What is different about this picture?

Clue: I am pointing toward it.

The answer is that the achievements and gems/coins/currency icons ARE GONE.

Where have they went, you ask?

And now, the news.
 Llamas are here......and they give you some ways to use llamas. Gee as if I could do these things.
 Time to vote on pets. Do you choose the peacock, elephant or armadillo?

I chose the armadillo. There's a picture of it as a tank.

 The Freedom Party is back. Celebrate our independence, freedom, indivituality and yadadadada blablahblah. Yaaaaaaaaaay.
 Get a free 100 gems by doing nothing but click on badges. And visit the Wild Peaks or something like that.
 Rainbow armor, yadadada. And ...WAIT THERE'S MORE DEN ITEMS IN BFTB???



And you know the best part?!!!

they're all for members.

I'm sorry Azelfs I understand.
And the stupid spring bunny.

Thank you now thats over!

And final Daily Explorer stuff:
Snaps: Space Den
And a new den item...
still like the phantom fountain beta.

Which they replaced the claws with. :(
Bye guys.

(did I just find a Star Wars thing in a Star Trek board on Pinterest?

that is weird.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Return of Rock Paper and Sissies and MORE

Time for a blow by blow:


That makes no sense.
Spotlight: Orange Penguins Play Rock Paper Scissors
They're running out of ideas, aren't they.


Jammer Art: Sunsets

and people just casually watch it

Daily Explorer also has done the worse thing possible with their little fossil comic.

Ugh. I knew that thing wasn't going well as soon as I saw the first one.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CIRCLE OF LIFEEEE and an Addition

Here's the pics I couldn't show you yesterday:

The person asking the question is my undercover agent no other than samcj, but we all know that samcj is really just me on another tab.


A video about life at Daily Explorer which you probs already know about if you watch alot of Lion King
At least they admit death to little kids. That's an improvement.

And finally, how do you think Sarepia Forest originally was like before the trees came?

OK, guess thats it for now, otherwise try hacking cutielol45 from now on because she claims she no longer plays AJ.

Just kidding!

(pictures went bad again. >:P pretend there's a post tag here)

Monday, June 22, 2015

RIM and Shrt Poll: Fire or Water

Todays RIM comes in only one color but might be decent: SHUTTER SHADES.
Now for the next shout out poll! The philososhper's main elements are fire and water. Most teen girls who play AJ are that kind of people, so lets see what the results are....starting.......NOW!

Fire or Water?


That is alot of water.

The poll ratio issss 


Water wins by a ocean!!!The fire certainly is put out. However, the Poll Pride award, aka the person who gives their opinion out with their heart would be mysweetpea for giving her "FIREEEEEEEEEE" with all caps.

and I wish I could add a pic but my picture adding thingy just went kaplooey.

In that case, see ya guys, and if you like fire and want to start a spark, or like water and want to win by a waterfall comment your opinion below!

More things to look foward to would be the next June Story Post and the next Poll Pride coming soon in AJPB (which alarmingly sounds like Animal JAM and PB)so stay tuned!

Look for previous poll issues including the cat VS dog and fave arcade games, which winners were dog and Falling Phantoms/Best Dressed.

(pretend my post tag is here.)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post + TODAY IS SUMMER


Congratulations to everyone who survived spring/school and now you have the pleasure to survive the heat.

And we all love heat.


Scared now?

Tell me about it.

Its already 80 degrees so I might as well turn on the AC if I could. (Thanks, parents.)

Besides an oppurtunity to win diamonds at the old hokey Daily Explorer place blah blah blah I shalll go now.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

(+) Dinosaurs and Shrt Pet Post

Daily Explorer has something about dinosaurs. This time you can learn about their size.
AJA Dino Size
Otherwise, AJ has no interesting updates. And just to be a little tangent, I'm going to move onto the subject of pets.

In real life, pets are animals humans are "owners" of. In the case of animal loving people, humans are "guardians" of the animal because for them its kinda cruel regarding them as inferior (don't listen to me if you don't want to.).

Anyways, most animal loving kids play this game eventually in their childhood. I only play because of the same reason why teens/phantoms play.

Anyways, besides the fact that animals owning other animals is not only weird but in some ways inhumanely very close to the concept of children. 

OK post over see ya guys. 0.0

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dinosuars...and redeeming a Code

Now there is dinosuar themed armor at your nearest Summer Carnival Shop! Get your prehistoric getup now for only 5,000 total for both the tail and back armor!
and the Daily Explorer posted something about redeeming codes. As if we dont' know how.
Redeem Code
Sorry for the short posts! Aj's updates are becoming dull.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

News Crew and Other Stuff

We have a News crew about the Crystal Reef, if you ever need one...
and more Temple of Zios napppers. SUMMON THE PHANTOMS YOU FOOLS MWAHAHA

Anyways sorry for the shrt posts these days AJ is running slow on actually VERY VERY VERY fun stuff that you can go on and on and on about. Because really, you can't drag on Battle for the Beacon tactics again and again and again and again as a blog post. >:P


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ring o' Fire, penguinies and the Touch Pool: Wrong Message?

I haven't been recording the Summer Carnival Prizes in a while now, but they have increased awesomeness by a whopping 1000 ticket item...DA RING OF FIRAAAA
I think I have heard of this when we talk earthquake (we are in California, people. Earthquakes are normal parts of life) but lets not ruin the fun of the carnival with earth tectonics.

I just happen to notice whatever they sell is circus things rather than Carnival stuff. And I'm pretty sure they're not the same.

Next we have a gathering of Penguinies for rock and sissies and papa.

Why orange? This is like a flash mob or something.
There's also something new in the Sarepia today....

Finally I wanted to point out that the Touch pool in Tierney's Aqairium is kinda.......cruel.

It wasn't my fault....all I did was touch it,....then it explodes...technically I got the money from a stranger....but hes dead now....

Bye, guys!