Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What do you do in AJ Pastimes and a Good Ol' Tinkler

Today we have a nice ol' torch thing that shoots out a jam amount of water from the ground.

Now I'm terrified. That sounds horrible.

Wait. If thats only 350 gems, and you can carry that thing from here to your den just by dragging it, and a crazy huge amount of water comes out of it as soon as you put it in the ground,...

I got it. AJ has a bad economy at the moment!

And THAT'S why they're telling me to spend diamonds on a particular phantom object!!!!

Speaking of phantom invasion, you would think that game would be phantoms invading Jamaa and you have to help guide one of their fighter planes over there and destroy Jamaa.

But nooooooooo, instead just some game where if you win you probably get a jam figurine thing that doesn't even do anything.

Something I just noticed: your ambitions, if you ever wanted to get a phantom "toy", are here.
Normal, Jailbird red, Jailbird yellow, and Ref. With a red card. For Jammers.

Anyways, today's topic is about pastimes. What do you do in your free time in AJ?

For some, its trading. That's the majority.

For others, its adventures. Then shopping. Then parties, yawn, and pertty much everything you can find.

Others are hosts rather than party goers. Instead of waiting for someone to own a hotel, or start a Pokemon game, MacDonalds, so on, YOU do it. It's fun, and to see how creative you are (showing off to other people is the best part, though).

Others? They get a family, because they're bored, and yes, people actually do this. Weird people.

What do you do? One of the things above? A combo of them? What?

Adios, fantasmas.

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