Wednesday, April 1, 2015

7@pp1 @p411 F001s D@y


And AJ is glad to see me too! See, the blue upside down

Waaaaaait,.... AJ isn't glad to see me I forgot I am part of a phantom blog silly me.

Anyways, Daily Explorer has published little wittle phantom eggs.
Jammer Art: Phantom Eggs
Imagine holding one...

Anyways, phantoms don't usually come from eggs at birth.

Speaking of birth, new birthstone for April.

And we also have a wacky, silly, and zany item. I dun no about you, AJ, but those may get very violent if not used correctly.
What do they look like? Buy it to find out DUN DUN DUN
And otherwise there is no stupid fact cuz 9T has homeworkkk

Hey, but theres this.


Plus, the Rare Item Monday is still here. Or really, the Rare Item Everyday.

Here's something: why is the Lost Temple of Zios called the Lost Temple of Zios?  I mean, if Zios is some kind of weird god thing where is his temple? Is sleeping some weird way of bowing in front of the Zios statue and beta phantoms come because they want to stop your acient practice?


May the phantoms be with you.