Thursday, April 30, 2015

New News and Phantom Animal..

We. Have. News. Congrats of living to see..... drum roll....the NEW BEACH HOUSE THINGY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. Well, at least its not a SPRING den, or anything, because we'll die immediatly inside the Diamond Shop.

Speaking of beaches, we were discussing that in Science today. Weeeeeirdd.....

And just about hot weather and that AJ is reminding us of warm weather, here in Cali its so hot we had to watch videos of people doing track and field for PE.

The Mechanical Future den got me at the dragon :D

They are giving back the cheetahs, great for speedy escapes out of the Alphas clutches.

Jam it. They still have the spring bunny. Just jam it. OH JAM IT. BLAHHHHHH

Anyways, speaking of undercover missions with animals, have you ever tried to make an underWATER mission animal with a squid resembling a phantom?

Phantastic. Great, because I tried, too.
Phantoms are hard, even if you have a phantom. Technically, phantoms have an perfectly circular head, and squids resemble octopuses with raised head. Their tentacles are skinny and triangular plus its almost impossible to get the perfect one eye.

However, your squid is super fun playing adventures (aka the Traitor's Creed haha). Here's some of my photoshoots:
If you want to know, there are neon edges on my phantom cuz of the dark :D
Missed the pesky dolphin.... her boa is covering her name so I don't know what it I'm touching dolphins not phantom coral, happy, lady?
Waaaaait,......just how many phantoms bailed out on me at work time?!!!! HEY DAVE COME BACK HERE!!!!
Last tip: DON'T POSE. IT LOOKS REALLY WRONG (if you think about it.......)

And to top it off here's Zweilous.

I like this guy. And this is probs how every person with a sibling feels XD
cutielol45 isn't very cute in rl, hehe

MAY THE SQUIDS BE WITH YOU (jk, Dave has two more work days due to his bailing on me)