Friday, February 27, 2015

Really, AJ? REALLY?!!!!

This is a little late, but for starters:
exclamation marks with hearts. what has this world come to
As you can see, the Animal Jam Insider's guide is what the very lazy seal is reading.

When this thing was published and AJ started to advertise it in the game, honestly it sounded like game cheats and stuff like that, but SADLY I discovered it wasn't a really big deal for starters.

I wish it was something that actually told you REAL gamebook cheats like... cheats... but it was more like an animal ecyclopedia plus starter guide to Animal Jam with pictures of animals treating each other kindly blah blah blah.


It was disapointing and all, but lets get on wrapping this up.

Friday Find!
Here's a hint: samcj is feeling evil today, with a not rare common nonmember head thing in wolf form.

Too easy for you? Then find crazy in this one.

Hint: the blog theme.

If you see yourself, wave and say hi! If not, then OK.

May the phantoms of this blog (including Blackout) be with ya!!!!!!!!!