Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Legends, STEAM Final Winners, and Sunday Shrt Post

Yikes. So much stuff. First of all congrats to the STEAM final winners...
ImaginationFair_DailyExplorer (1)
Hmm, to be honest its not really that bad...though I feel bad for everyone who tried and didn't make it. You know what I mean....

Oh joy, they're updating the legends again. ay ay ay, mama mia.

Dawn of the Alphas, oh so awesome, I can't waaaaaait to see more. 

Great, everybody is smiling. Uh huh. Plus judging from the comments most of the commenters didn't read the insider's guide.....

Geez, just when I though Jamaa was becoming decent. Eeesh.

Here's your Sunday comic: