Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Video and notes on Phantoms

Dr. Tierney made a new video on starfish. The dude at the nearish end is truly horrifying. What's creepy is that the place she's at is Monterey Bay Aquarium.

That's my region.

Recently I decided to start a research on phantoms. Yea, it's actually fun to guess why there are here. Funny conclusions.

I need to name them, so lets decide on the Latin word for Phantoms, Phantasma. Sounds like Phant- plasma. Then again, let's name it arcerbus or tenebris, dark. Or arcerbus loligo, and I'll tell you why first you read this Wikipedia article I found on the Internet. Keyword: Phantoms.
Loligo, if you guessed, is squid.