Monday, June 1, 2015

RIM and Summer Carnival

In my math, which is a grade higher than I am, we play Yahtzee as a class assignment.

That's what I'm gonna tell the kids my grade from now on whenever they ask.

Nowadays in Jamaa, the RIM are going


Gee, you look epic, penguin. Like what we definitely would ever want to buy for,...

Golly, 600 gems.

Anyways, now that it is June 1, exactly 20 days away from summer, we get,...DA PEARL BIRTHSTONE!!!
Which, is the only birthstone made by living things (or technically, made from dead things and/or sand), and pretty shiny/round.

My birthstone is the only one that comes from Mars!

I have no idea where I hear this stuff these days.

Besides that, now that the Summer Carnival is here, Jammers are getting gems to get tickets to get prizes and licking cotton candy all at once.

Isn't that so obvious?

Here's a short Summer carnival To-Do List:

  1. You'll start somewhere right next to the last remaining haul of stuff that never gets packaged anyways. Might as well print out something in the art booth.
  2. When you move up, play a starter of an addicting clash of favorites: Carnival Darts, Dunk-a-Phantom, and Phantom Ball. To make it easier for you, there's also that gems-for-tickets booth right net to Phantom Ball, if you suck at everything.
  3. Move up to that next section. Wow, so much stuff to buy, and yet none we'd actually wear. Anyways wallop that cotton candy hat on your head and...ooh, is that really cotton candy? Mmmmm, phantom, my favorite. Grab some on your way, right before Candy Catch. Phantomlicious.
  4. Whack some phantoms before heading on to everyone's fave stash of prizes: the plushies!!! Run completely out of tickets before taking a break around (or on) that campfire. Then when you get your energy back (or eat too much phantom cotton candy) LEAP ON THAT BOUNCE HOUSE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally when you get back, ponder why they sell pet Ferris Wheels and roller coasters but yet there is no rides whatsoever like real carnivals.

See ya!