Thursday, April 23, 2015

Creepy Person and Short Posts

First of all some person is madly in love with me. 0.0
Second, sorry for the short post. Just wanna pop in that alot of favorite games are coming back to haunt you in revenge for ignoring them for years and years,....of anguish and hate,......crumbling love and adoration,....crushed into ashes that blow into your face...things you threw away in the wind just to have them come back to your back, and bite your face away......

Plus we disapointly stare at the News Crew Entry by "Fairy Sunnybuddy" about DEEP BLUE.

(jk, fairy, it was actually ok. Still Deep Blue is kinda not very sunny, in general.)

See it at the Daily Explorer.
News Crew: Deep Blue
Finally, just wanna shout out two things:

  • click on "Google" in the link list on your left. Its not just google anymore.
  • Try out the free and easy "Build with Chrome" Phantom Challenge! Basically its online LEGOS, so it is free and your limit is about 3,000. Try making the awesomest phantom you can (with real LEGOs if you want), take a snap, and send it to or some other way can manage and we'll post it on the blog!
May the phantoms be with you.