Friday, January 23, 2015

Greely's Hideout: Ratings by MCJ

Yes, I am lovin' it. No, not you McDonald's. Your fries are decent, I guess. Sadly I am a non-member, so I can't buy it. pouty face. I'm stuck with small house, phantoms. Yes, I know. Stupid expressions. So I'm rating Greely's Hideout, by previewing it.

In the distance you can see the Phantoms factory. Or hideout thing.

 Pipes serve as bridges and slides. And the place is enormous, for goodness sake.

Oh, man there's a wolf,..passage...thingy. Letsee, you turn red over the lava too. Kinda a distraction, though.

In the center when you come is a bunch of blue mysterious glyphs. Reminds me of music symbols, for some reason.
Greely probably could hide out here. The only problem is that I am going to get lost here before I could chart all this stuff. I got it! Why not turn on a bunch of phantom plugs and pollute the lavaaa? I wonder how they keep the temperature hot enough in there. If they don't then the lava turns into pure rock. It most be boiling in there. This den is for quite the phantom lover! What's next, Sir Gilbert's hideout? They better add a bunch of tiger and war stuff in there...... cool, lavafalls!
The floor is as good as it is left alone :D
Ghostly purple light shines through. Creepy!

 Oh man this is the best den ever I am so glad they let us preview! I think adding some phantoms in cages or floating around outside would be really cool too... how about statues of phantoms would be sweeeeeet and don't forget cave crystals and lava crystals and lava nature archways! Awesome den!!! Rating by MCJ: :triplestar:

Oh and here's that Out on a Limb Vid. Hope they really didn't die from all that...

samcj made some weird appearance in there..

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