Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post

Today I just wanted to shout out , HEY THERE ISN'T MUCH PHANTOM ART OUT THERE. SO FOR ALL THOSE AWESOME INTERNET ARTISTS THAT INSTEAD DRAW PICTURES OF SPIKES AND WOLVES IN DRAMATIC SCENES (no offense or anything :| ) you may have a chance of being here with a honorable mention of art or something. Surprise me. So far I haven't really seen anything truly epic that I would post it on Pinterest. Here's your Sunday funnies (this time featuring a Mia Lover... sadly my own sister. >:P):

What will happen next? Tune into next week to find out, or flick to the rest of the Sunday Shrt Posts to read more of these.

And continue wondering why the Epic Phantom Throne costs less than a Phantom Throne. And get me both if you can. :D

Bye, and may the Epic Phantoms be with you rather than the normal ones. And Dave.