Friday, February 6, 2015

Helllooooo, Jamaa!

Oh, phantoms (ATTACK OF THE STUPID PHANTOM SWEARING!!!). This is the 100th post of this blog. Hooray! Letsee, the amount of times people seen this is,... 843! Yes!

Today I'm am gonna observe each of the Alpha's signatures. Thankfully I know what they are because of the Daily Explorer's diamond challenges. First up is...

(goes to Wheel Decide and puts Alphas names on wheel)

Uhh....Peck, you're up.

Peck's symbol is the lightning bolt, which kinda describes her because she's all pink and fast. It's really creepy that way. Her name was probably done with a paintbrush, which describes her even more.
Next up...
Graham! :|

Graham's symbol is obviously the gear, which actually loosks like some weird flower breeded with doughnut. His signature is all CAPITAL LETTERS and more like a fancy print. Readable too.

Who's next?
Oh goody!
Liza's sign is the purple hibiscus or lavender pansy thingy. Her signature is a fancy cursive that has a really weird "s" and an isolated "a". The "i" is curved nicely enough.
Oh, finally.
Some might say Greely's sign looks like a plume of blue smoke. I think it looks like a question mark!


Makes sense right? Unless you believe that a mysterious blue plume of smoke makes the cut.

What's next?
Yes! Bestish for last!
The sign is obvious green cause he's a herbalist/gardener. The shape is a really curvy vine thing... I think. Like Graham, his signature is all CAPITAL LETTERS.
Last but not least,..
The tiger shaman!
His sign is a flame! Whoo!
He perfers a cursive style, and pretty skinny curly style.

Final Messages:
and also..
May the phantoms be with you.