Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Story Post: The Final Prison Part 1

The clinking of chains joined the sound of water lapping on the shores of the beach. She listened in to the sounds of the tree rustling next to her.

She should try to at least enter a state of serenity before she was delivered to the petrification process later. Someone was coming to torture her.

The phantom suddenly said, "Times up. You ready?"

She stared at it.

"Is that a trick question?"

It laughed. "You better not be. Lets get to it."

The torturer had still not arrived. She glanced at the door to the beach house, then at the moon. It was perfectly launched in the center of the sky. It was time. She shivered.

The phantom was beginning to get nervous. It then grabbed her by the wing and lugged her into the waiting space shuttle, engine revving as soon as they stepped on. She looked back at the beach house for the last time.

Then it zipped through the dark sky.

She sat there and fought the tired feeling that bit her. She would need all she had for the final test. Only it wasn't a test. It was a battle. And she was going to lose anyway.

Then the shuttle veered down into a territory on the west of Jamaa, a few lands away from Appondale. It hovered down into a black swamp of black goo, finally descending on a circle of darkstone. She got off tied by the phantom and stumbled into a small building where a lone phantom stood, eye gleaming when it saw her. She looked away as the two exchanged greetings and began to mumble their own language. Then they broke off their conversation and the phantom that drove her there left in the black shuttle, which hurtled past the stars.

She looked down, a sign of rebellion in the phantom custom. The phantom only laughed and stood there, watching. She wondered what could be delaying the torture.

"I've been waiting for this part in a long time, you know."

She continued staring at the ground.

"I personally asked for this, too. I'm not any commoner, like that aviator a while ago. No, I'm a governor. Wonder how I got that far."

It studied her for a long time.

"I thought you could tell who was a Jammer or not..."

She looked up, and suddenly she let out a cry.

It wasn't a phantom.

It was a Jammer...

To be Continued this month.....

look out for the sequel of this post this May!