Monday, June 8, 2015

RIM, World Oceans and Summer Clean Up Tip

Today's RIM:

RIM: Rare Tie Dye Shirt


Today is not only the birthday of three people I know (not including a character from a book) but its world OCEANS DAY (weird, that character from the book was at sea sailing and stuff 0.0 )

And the Daily Explorer shows a very creepy ocean gif.
ocean animated GIF


Whats your favorite ocean?

  • Bahahahahari Bay? {Wallow in sunlit waters with giant sea kelp groping for you}
  • Crystal Reef? {Splash among the colorful and bright reef where happy fish come to play}
  • Kani Cove? {Glide past where the mysterious ghost of a great frigate lies and the plinking of a steady piano's rythm follow you through the water like a march joined in with the sound of faint voices chanting with every note}
  • Deep Blue? {One of the largest oceans in Jamaa, the water gets colder and colder and colder with every dark step. As the pressure grows you tumble towards a glowing red crevice where the sharp teeth of an acient fish glares at you. The music gets higher...}

Anyways, I apologize that I was absent for the weekend. Procrastination is dominant over laziness.

Plus, my membership is almost gone.

Thats why I decided to save most of my stuff so I can continue being awesome ass a nonemember.

Here's what you do to save most of your stuff that you want to keep after your membership is gone:

  2. Put the stupidest stuff on that storage account's trade list (multiple necklaces or pillows may do the trick.).
  3. Using your other character trade your storage account with everything you want to salvage and keep when your membership is gone.
  4. After your membership is gone, trade all those items back. Remember, if you don't have enough room, use the spare charcter or another one if needed.
Bye guys!