Thursday, April 30, 2015

New News and Phantom Animal..

We. Have. News. Congrats of living to see..... drum roll....the NEW BEACH HOUSE THINGY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. Well, at least its not a SPRING den, or anything, because we'll die immediatly inside the Diamond Shop.

Speaking of beaches, we were discussing that in Science today. Weeeeeirdd.....

And just about hot weather and that AJ is reminding us of warm weather, here in Cali its so hot we had to watch videos of people doing track and field for PE.

The Mechanical Future den got me at the dragon :D

They are giving back the cheetahs, great for speedy escapes out of the Alphas clutches.

Jam it. They still have the spring bunny. Just jam it. OH JAM IT. BLAHHHHHH

Anyways, speaking of undercover missions with animals, have you ever tried to make an underWATER mission animal with a squid resembling a phantom?

Phantastic. Great, because I tried, too.
Phantoms are hard, even if you have a phantom. Technically, phantoms have an perfectly circular head, and squids resemble octopuses with raised head. Their tentacles are skinny and triangular plus its almost impossible to get the perfect one eye.

However, your squid is super fun playing adventures (aka the Traitor's Creed haha). Here's some of my photoshoots:
If you want to know, there are neon edges on my phantom cuz of the dark :D
Missed the pesky dolphin.... her boa is covering her name so I don't know what it I'm touching dolphins not phantom coral, happy, lady?
Waaaaait,......just how many phantoms bailed out on me at work time?!!!! HEY DAVE COME BACK HERE!!!!
Last tip: DON'T POSE. IT LOOKS REALLY WRONG (if you think about it.......)

And to top it off here's Zweilous.

I like this guy. And this is probs how every person with a sibling feels XD
cutielol45 isn't very cute in rl, hehe

MAY THE SQUIDS BE WITH YOU (jk, Dave has two more work days due to his bailing on me)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Parasols and Phantomy Umbwellas

Here we have a glitched gif on DE that stops at "AJs Fine RAIN OR SHINE". Suckyy....


Love that phantom Umbwellla. Otherwise too bad people....

Anyways that umbwella has jet rocketed of all of our life force by 20%. Awesome! We may live after all.

A few of Dave's friends didn't make it because they ventured too closely to Unicorn Land. Don't go to Unicorn land. And aviod narwals until you have been vaccinated.

Thanks, buds, and see ya 'till June 21 (hehe)

Plus, did you know the fad over here is kendamas? Weird......

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greely with a Problem + Reality in Adventures

To introduct you to how much Greely hates us, lets begin with this comic. (sorry if you can't see the second panel very well)

OK, now you get the idea (if you ignored my comments) that Greely does not like us (or the Jammers. hint hint :D). So (besides that he really is kissing "danger") why is that?

I'm not your average social person, if you ask me. You get that, right (hint: who still plays AJ at this age besides 9T who is one year older than me)? Plus that means I'm considered a "geek" and 9T, who likes Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, a "weirdo". (Don't forget I'm also supposed to be a "nerd" too. Yeah getting honor roll is messed up nowadays.)

Anways as far as I'm concerned, the real reason why people are trying to get kids to be social is because they will know nothing about their peers and in the future can't communicate or understand each other (I honestly, disagree :) )

Speaking of can't communicate, today we are experiencing technical difficulties in AJ.

5 minutes later
Ummm ok then..

Bye may the phantoms be with you.

Monday, April 27, 2015


If you want to live to see the RIM you beta close your eyes and ignore the butterfly pin. Click onto the next page to see the Rare Football Helmet, finally accomplishing the title of the football helmet's rare companion.

Eh. I wish it wasn't in one color. The light blue is kinda bland.

Today lets focus and the topic of Animal Jam sports.

I believe you are familiar with the AJ football, soccer ball, basketball (which everyone thinks is beta, so its hard to get >:( ) and so.

Few have the goals to go with them, like the soccer net and the basketball hoop.

However, there isn't much actual "games" we experience when it comes to this. Is AJ just playing with our love of the game so it'll appeal to alot of Jammers? What do you think?

Gotta go guys, may the phantoms be with ya all

and becauz my post tag not owking byeeeeee

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Legends, STEAM Final Winners, and Sunday Shrt Post

Yikes. So much stuff. First of all congrats to the STEAM final winners...
ImaginationFair_DailyExplorer (1)
Hmm, to be honest its not really that bad...though I feel bad for everyone who tried and didn't make it. You know what I mean....

Oh joy, they're updating the legends again. ay ay ay, mama mia.

Dawn of the Alphas, oh so awesome, I can't waaaaaait to see more. 

Great, everybody is smiling. Uh huh. Plus judging from the comments most of the commenters didn't read the insider's guide.....

Geez, just when I though Jamaa was becoming decent. Eeesh.

Here's your Sunday comic:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Story Post: Crossing with Reality

Lugging in a haul of cargo isn't easy for anyone, especially if you're considered that cargo. Being dragged across the dirt ground doesn't sound very fun for nearly everyone, and if your carriers are very uncoordinated when it comes to pulling you may expect to find a bruise awaiting you from an unhappy tree. Plus if they also have the idea to misuse their cargo by letting the chains that bound it rust right on your body then don't expect any sympathy for you later. What a pity.

Of course, Mira was definitely not the phantom's first class cargo. The rotting chains brushed flakes of unwanted metal and buried into her grey feathers. Great. As if she wasn't any worse off as she was before. The phantoms hit her suddenly and Mira hustled ahead. She could now see an approaching village gradually coming to view. It had a hint of resemblance to something that drowned in her memories, and now it came back to resurface.

Bunny Burrow?

It was a question rather than a thought of relief. After all, if the phantoms wanted to limit contact between Jammers and herself, why march directly to one of the smallest and heart warming villages of all Jamaa?

Anyways, it didn't matter. The blush of blue slowly restored in her feathers when she saw a bunny: small like normal ones, but a bloom of adventure in his face that was goggled complete with round blue glasses. She was too weak to call out to him but luckily he saw her. And then her carriers.

Panic flooded his face. He tried to scurry away on his tiny feet but they were too fast: they knocked the glasses from his face and roughly threw him into a cage. He cried for help and were met by another bunny: a young boy in a top hat. "OLIVER!" he cried and before she could call out to him he was too trapped in the violet cage of the phantoms. He struggled before rendering it all hopeless. Oliver pushed the glasses up to his face. "Jack?"

"Yeah, bro?"

Jack mustered all his strength to laugh weakly. "You know we're done for, right? Haha...anyways we were fails. Fails together, 'kay bro?" Oliver didn't get it. "We are fails. Admit it. We never did anything productive or epic anyways. Hey, wait, is that Mira?"

"There goes our hard work this spring..." Oliver whispered. They turned to see the phantoms dumping in piles of purple goop in the carrot patch. Immediately they shriveled and turned lifeless and mushy.

She wished she could do something, and when she saw the phantoms lugging in two more bunny girls, she shuddered in rage. They pounded them in and gruffly said, "That's all we could find. Throw away the keys and lets go. Station B, you're in charge of keeping the runts in for those adventure things. Move it."

Mira suddenly fumbled with her chains, which suddenly burst with a heavy metal clang. When they all turned their heads, she was off into the forest.

She sat exhausted gasping for air and listened to the clamor. Then a calm voice; different from other phantom voices she heard; spoke up. "I'll go."

As if it was magic a blossom of blue flame flourished in front of her. A wolf stared down at her; recognizable wherever you were. One of Zios's hired Alphas: Greely.

She gasped. This was her chance. "Greely, thank goodness you're here. Come on, lets run from this place. We'll escape from here. Wait, what will we eat? Do you have any...."

He smirked at her. "Mira, stop this foolish talk. I'm not here to rescue you."

She stopped. "Greely?"

Greely paused and glared hard into her eyes. He spoke.

"Why do you care that you ever see the Jammers again? They aren't how they were like before the first wars. Have you ever heard of scamming?"

"Scamming? Greely, what..."

"IT'S TAKING ITEMS FROM EACH OTHER. STEALING. They grew not to care about us...or you...its just what's rare or a spike or headdresses or beta or all that blubber. They are DATING each other. They ignore us. There's even a such a thing as being banned. Do you know what that is?"

She shook her head in fear.

"Exile. Never to return again." He drew in breath. "Now its a game. Not a world like Zios planned it to be. A game. Merely for amusement."

She stared in disbelief.

"And because of that, now they're being all dramatic and either going like WE LOOOOOVE MIRA OH PHOOEY LETS GO ALPHAS and all that nonsense. They draw pictures and make stories of how their animals saved the world...but...."

She spoke up. "At least I have to see them again. Even if they're that corrupted."

"NO." he growled firmly. "You see,...its the game."

"The game is what keeps the Jammers to this world. Without it its just as empty as a tomb. And if Mira ever magically came back, it would be fun...for a little while. Then expect your children to vanish as if they never existed at all. It would be boring, yawn, what kind of game is this.

You see, its better you never come back at all."

There was a silence, and then Greely turned to the direction of the phantoms.

"Its your choice," he whispered. "Stay like this, or never see the Jammers again."

He disappeared into the shadows leaving Mira slowly crying in thought.

Greely tuned back into his phantom form and quickly summoned the nearest phantom. "You." he said. "Mira is coming back in a few minutes. As soon as we leave Bunny Burrow, you are in charge of the petrification and preservation." The phantom nodded awkwardly in a peculiar way he never seen before. He didn't think it very serious, so he turned his back toward it.

Greely may have fooled the phantoms countless times, but this time he was the one fooled.

The Jammer in disguise as a phantom grinned in thought of in charge of Mira's downfall. Finally, she would get the tearing feeling out her paws and release it upon Mira, the most deserving. Not now, but soon.

Very soon.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi guys! It's cutielol45 again and today crazyd94 is busy today (obiously fridays) and i will be subbing for crazy! (I offered) :) Anyways, The news:
So in Jam Mart clothing they sell these weird (no offense) Pearl Braclets, and you can change the colors (if u are a member) to,:  light pink, pink, light blue, light green, black, red, light purple, and white. They can be worn on the neck, that is why they are called necklaces. 
Okay, now the Daily Explorer;

Safety 4-24-2015
Okay, that is it! I hope you enjoyed! If you don't know me, my user is cutielol45 if you want to know, and (im a member btw) I hope you enjoy! Byeeee and have a great day!
Btw guys I will try to make a post tag of a member but i dont have tine so ya! Byeee for real this time!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Creepy Person and Short Posts

First of all some person is madly in love with me. 0.0
Second, sorry for the short post. Just wanna pop in that alot of favorite games are coming back to haunt you in revenge for ignoring them for years and years,....of anguish and hate,......crumbling love and adoration,....crushed into ashes that blow into your face...things you threw away in the wind just to have them come back to your back, and bite your face away......

Plus we disapointly stare at the News Crew Entry by "Fairy Sunnybuddy" about DEEP BLUE.

(jk, fairy, it was actually ok. Still Deep Blue is kinda not very sunny, in general.)

See it at the Daily Explorer.
News Crew: Deep Blue
Finally, just wanna shout out two things:

  • click on "Google" in the link list on your left. Its not just google anymore.
  • Try out the free and easy "Build with Chrome" Phantom Challenge! Basically its online LEGOS, so it is free and your limit is about 3,000. Try making the awesomest phantom you can (with real LEGOs if you want), take a snap, and send it to or some other way can manage and we'll post it on the blog!
May the phantoms be with you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

happy earth day

hiya guys happy earth day today is the day we get to keep our home planet clean(except for jerks who hate burritos)
I must if u were the person who made this comic I WILL UNLEASH THE REIGHN OF A THOUSAND BURRITOS ON YOUR DIRTY SOUL!!!(verbally)
not only that but I got a rare short green today by some clan cat person
yeah she offered it for my rare claw which is kind of an over trade cuz rare claws are worth something like a rare viking hat or somting
and heres todays stupid fact
I love me some pickles but I gtg c u guys latr

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Freaky Spring Bunny Attack


Its those spring bunnies, I know it.

Anyways I am behind so far on homework so to end this I present you the link to getting the AJ font.
Animal Jam Font


Monday, April 20, 2015

RIM and Chatting with Crazy: The return of the Chat

Today's RIM is a little strange, to be honest its not very "fancy"either.

You can't even change its color.

Anyways remember that glitch where cutielol45 started to walk over Jamaa?

Here's the pics in her point of view:

A phantom attack of the day: an anonymous phantom mask wearer hides his/her nametag in cutie's den and says: "cool"
The he/she leaves.

And finally the chat: about chat. Again. This is really just an excuse to pull off some very weird deciphering activity.

Because it is really hard to communicate with no free chat, you have to be really good at what people try to tell you. For example:
Sent by Azelfs. Think of what "victory"and "blossom"are.

keep thinking. 



"Victory" is video. "Blossom" is blog. She was talking about Destroying Mira vid that at the moment I hadn't uploaded it. See how complicated???

Next is the one I have no idea what she is talking about...

I can tell she is low on stuff and needs something from me but what the phantoms is the "black item"?

See ya I gotta go.