Monday, March 30, 2015

rare monday

hello peeps as always playing animal jam here is todays rare

yeah lets make an item that can stab ppl in the burittos :D or even better it turns ppl into burittos

here's what i did to liza earlier this morning
she deserves it but she doesn't care she smiling l:(

ok now heres a very interesting animal that idk what hes saying XP
u can c my face lolz ok try to find me in this image
u probaly found me right away but try to find in this one
hint: my tail is sticking out :P
sorry there is not a dumb fact today but heres this cool image with me and fire drums

to be honest the blue fire drum doesn't even look blue it looks more like a aqua marine 
but the bottom is like a dark blue anyway c u on da flip side

and may phantoms be watching u from above