The AJPB Mascot

Of course, what else can be a better mascot than a phantom for a phantom blog?

Introducing Blackout, the AJPB mascot announced mascot at 2/9/15 at 5:20 PM, who originally actually was the random Phantom crate floating around in my den. After considering the circumstances, I decided to use it, you know, just because he had no use before.
The coronation

Just for fun, lets imagine Blackout's journal. >:D. "Phantoms, I am cramped in this stinky wooden crate and these darn Jammers keep on poking me forcing me to excrete stink brown powder and they can't smell it those lucky brats cause they're on computers!!!!! >:O "

Thx to cutielol45 for coming up with it's name. ('Hey, I'm thinking of a mascot for the blog.Any ideas?' 'How about Blackout? Blackbolt?')

Hey, phantoms are black and related to electricity, it's true.

This page is dedicated to pictures of Blackout the AJPB mascot. Check back to see new pictures once in a while.

"Now there are phantom guards surrounding me, plus a boomseed tree hanging above me >:( these people want to kill me!"

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