Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Story Post: The Wolf Pack

Silent footprints press into the snow while dark gray fur push past one another. A pack of wolves pad quietly through Mt. Shiveer's vast landscape. The leader turns and motions for the rest to follow. their long journey through the wilderness was almost over.

Over the blue patch of ice they walked past. The light veil of snow covering the patch crumbled slightly. A burning fire greeted them in the distance, never put out by the people who built it. The wolves huddled close to the warmth and sent out a few young hunters to bring them food.

As one of the curious hunters gazed at the white sky, the rest of his companions left to hunt. He was left alone to wonder at the cold white wonder left on the ground. He lingered around and suddenly had the notion to wander to the ice. He slid on the surface of the cold patch and licked off the snow in a spot. Like glass he looked through the clear substance and saw the most astounding thing.

An image of a great blue heron was encased in a prison of ice. As the wolf stared at the ice in wonder, the bird's head turned; she wearily lifted a wing and seemed to smile at the young hunter. She was alive. The wolf began to think. He was a foreigner and did not know who was this creature. He looked for help, but realized he must be alone. He started to hop desperately on the ice, trying to free the bird from her cold blue prison.

Again and again he jumped. His weight alone could not break the ice. The bird shook her head to let him know it was no use. He did not give up.

What he did not see was a dark hand reach for the bird's wing, pulling her away. She did not give a cry or object. She gave in to the dark soul, and was pulled away to be trapped somewhere else.....

When the wolf saw that the spirit was gone, he grieved silently. A wolf came from behind, a wolf born in the land he walked on. When the hunter turned around, he realized the other wolf had seen him jumping on the ice. He spoke to the wolf about what he had seen, but the other wolf did not understand. He did not know the language of the foreigners.

The other wolf slowly stared at the strange wolf trying to communicate. He decided that the other wolf was trying to get riches under the ice. He chuckled: he was in need of riches, himself. He thought of gems and diamonds that could benefit. So he walked over and jumped.

The hunter watched him, crying out that the spirit was gone. The other wolf kept hopping, calling to other Jammers to hop with him.

Finally assuming that he was trying to help in vain, the hunter left to find his pack, also realizing he had not hunted anything yet. The ashamed gray wolf turned away,..

and padded through the snow......

The spirit of breaking the ice for treasures and diamonds continues in Jamaa today. However little does the treasure hunters know that there is nothing under the ice,.. except for the cold cavity where Mira herself was temporarily cast away,...

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