Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ropes and Nonmembers

There's nothing new mechanics for us today, however we have a lasso to hook in Jammers. When you steal a few gems nowadays that's a good way to ironically defeat Jammers. Hehehehehe,.......

Bleh mouse is slipping in the computer today grrrrrrrrrr

Here is a meme I hope you members can relate to.....

Speaking of members, today when I went to a Jam Session Party like normal, a case of nonmember discrimination broke out by one artic yelling that members only for the stage and supposedly "tossed off all the nonmembers off ".

So it began to look alittle like this:
The artic is the guy in the middle.

Anyways there's alot of nonmembers around the stage (I just noticed there is alot of tigers. Darn! I should have made a tiger clan >:P )

And so I joined in with the nonmembers, while the artic didn't say anything.

Back then I used to wonder how members felt about nonmembers, and all, because they looked nooby and all, and issues of the "racism" created by it. such as the belief that members are "superior" to nonmembers, or in animal/wolf pack terms, are alpha to omega.

Now that I am "superior", I don't really feel very different from nonmembers. People automatically think that nonmembers are "younger" than most, after all you can't really see an artic wolf as a 
kindergartner or a seal as a teen. I may or may not regret spending $20 dollars on something that's going to be gone in a matter of 20 days from now.

Nonmembers, don't be discouraged by members who believe you guys are noobs. Members, don't give nonmembers stress over a matter of "racism", even if you think you're an "Alpha" (the name Alpha in phantom custom= DISHONOR ON YOU).

I really hope iv33410, the artic who misunderstood some people, wasn't really meaning to do that. After all, something I said at that party was, "We were all nonmembers some point in our lives, and will be."

Ok, cheesy lecture over, and now another meme this time about what I think about those jam sayings in Jamaa about "Rares are just pixels".

Bye phantasmas!