Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day (for the US) and Fireworks, and by by by by by

Hey guys and for us, its the day of the free

there's probably going to be fireworks, which you can make kinda safely.


There's fireworks pretty much everywhere now.

Anyways, as you noticed, the most recent posts have been going down in quality because of busy schedules and things, but mostly because I have other things to do.

So I'm planning to quit the blog probably on this month.

I guess I would call that a retirement judging from what I'm going to be doing here, but I'm probably still going to play AJ. Just the blog. Not the game.

Expect most of my Pinterest stuff to be private.

Feel free to look around the blog and celebrate on NOTP, or the two nights before, aka the blog's first founding date.

Thanks to all the phantoms that helped this blog with support and fan-likeness, and finally, I'm really sorry to be leaving so soon. I guess I'll just be moving on with life now.

Bye phantoms. This time for real.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Azelfs and Stuff

Hello, Azelfs: Yes, I have seen your comments and is really upset. But then again, we're all going to quit AJ some time soon nowadays so I hope we can still keep in touch some other way. Its been nice being able to do something other than blog with someone else, but that can change. Remember that we'll miss you and yes, I'll keep you in story posts. If you don't want your stuff anymore you know who to see, though the stuff isn't what I'm worried about.

Anyways, we have some things on the Daily Explorer about AJ requirements.Jammer Tip Requirements


Bye guys, I have to go now.
May the phantoms be with you (always)