Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feeling Sick and BOOKS

Todaay we have a Mechanical Fountain. I can't believe it, how come AJ presented the Mech stuff all sucky and really its so epic? Plus they never said it had anything to do with dragons.

Its kinda epic when they open up and shoot out streams of colored water, and all, but...isn't that a problem with the green water?
Dude puking all over your body is not the way to get the girls, bro.

Harry Potter humor if you want it here.

(note: this one has no swearing but some of the vids one this channel does, so I reccomend watching if you're not too young :| )

Anyways, I believe in our age, there are three types of gross things:

  1. Lovey Dovey Blah Blah Blah (oh, and I pleade you don't mention boyfriends around 9T anymore and give her a pat on the back once in a while)
  2. Plain ol' gross things out in the world, like goo, mold, yadadadadadada, etc.
  3. The human body.

As far as I'm concerned, #3 is what most of you are scared of. How come AJ allows us to be "sick" and yet is appropriate...?
And so........

BTW, do you guys think that books should be better used in Jamaa?

I mean, the only thing you read here is the basic signs and things, chat, Jammer Central, and the Jamaa Journal. You don't really get to see much literacy works of art here besides some howls exclaiming how awesome Jamaa is and your buddies singing "Let it Go" to annoy you (not that Let it Go is a work of art)

Anyways, if you know me, I like books. Actually, scratch that. Love.
"The Phantom Ecyclopedia Volume 1-5 (blue, yellow, green, red, white)"

However, there's no such thing as actually READING books, no matter how large the quantity of a bookshelf, like in Minecraft, and there's no such things as writing down anything like something as simple as note and anything you can save for later.

What do you guys think?