Saturday, January 31, 2015

A little late video and Project Phantasma Report

Here's the AJ video where it is late but is about Phantoms. Good enough for me, even if it is late. |:)
I have completed part 1 of project Phantasma, the eyes. I decided to mostly work on it every week and share it on Saturday.

So here is the notes.

Project Phantasma: Eyes of the Phantom

fig. 1


If you have sketched the eyes of an average phantom (figure 1) you get the concept that because the phantom's pupil and "forehead" are both black, it looks like the forehead is part of the pupil. This gives it an intimidating grumpy/mean look.

But when you play adventures, you assume that this is a game and to your advantage the phantom only sees you when you get into its purple boundaries. This is true, but what if there was a reason why they never saw you before? Maybe they are actually blind?

According to my theory of how Phantoms came to be, they lived in the darkness for a while. I believe, that if this theory is true, that their eyes were accustomed for the dark alone. When they were exposed to the light, their kind became blind and adapted by having four sensor antenna to chase Jammers. Probably the sensors are very weak, for example if it is chasing one Jammer and another one goes by, it ignores it completely and continues to pursue the first. It also may not be able to detect plants, for when a boomseed or a chomper plant is nearby, it does not realize the time to run away.

What about Phantom Kings (figure 3)? They might have the strenght to see, as their bigger mass and size, and follow the Jammer no matter the cause, except for their death.

Thanks for reading my first conclusions. More next week, on Legs.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Chat with Crazy: AJ Expectations and Reality

Yes, we know that "Friendship Day" is more like "Love Day", and more and more love stuff is coming anyhow. But that's not the point because I only talk about cool stuff, and even maybe an entire post on it if it's cool enough.

Anyways! Hey, new code... OUTBACK.

For today's chat I am going to be talking about what AJ expects this game to be and what actually is the case.

When you hear of this game called Animal Jam from maybe a friend, ad, or NGK magazine, you get hooked and try it out. You become a new Jammer, listen to the Alpha Peck (they changed it recently), either think she's cute or creepy (guess what I think :| ) listen to her weird blahs, and finally is unleashed into the world. You torture a few people, collect a few things by buying them, maybe be more advanced and try an adventure for the first time. It's fun, so you do harder levels until you start getting better stuff, trade for better stuff, and maybe for some of us buy membership and prosper. While being a master Jammer status, you start to understand that whatever Peck or Liza said before is not really what the case is, now that you tasted scamming, fman, the rares war, and so on.

But what is the things that are the AJ expectations and reality? Some things are obvious, and some things are so common that they are part of AJ life.

Let's look at a few.

expectations: AJ expect
reality: RL
people are cutielol45, cutielol46, cuteylol45, and samcj.

AJ expect:
AJ expect:
AJ expect:


AJ expect:
Totally gross, but this isn't real. What actual Jammers do, however,...
AJ expect:
AJ expect:
AJ expect:
AJ expect:
AJ expect:

This is the sad one.

AJ expect:
So sad....
Like 5,000,000 people already know that AJ is only about rares these days.

But what could we do about it? Nothing.

Or could we?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not So New News

Well, we have news already, even though there was one last week. And there's not much actually new news.
Delivery time. Deliver valentines too all the animals in Jamaa. Play it now when you click the parties button.
It's pretty devastating when you get to the last letter. Hey look at what happened here.
Ex-squeeeeeeeeze me?
OK, the phantoms may be bad but I never thought they would say rotten.

JK! Actually I bet some really emotional adventure ppl would go worser.

Same thing as last time... sorta.

We also got to see what the first owl looks like. Kinda disappointing, but otherwise, I present to you Rose.
As the third bird that is here the owl probably is like eagles in a way but definitely a lot smaller. Because Rose only hops and dances we do not know if owls can fly higher than most animals like eagles, but maybe has the same ways as the eagle does. The second flying bird joins the penguin and the eagle.

Reminder, They are Coming the video.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart Glasses and Movie that has nothing to do with AJ

Heart Glasses?
And here's a video that has nothing to do with AJ. I made them with an anonymous person.
I also made a new post tag. Like it? Mwahaha.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Video and notes on Phantoms

Dr. Tierney made a new video on starfish. The dude at the nearish end is truly horrifying. What's creepy is that the place she's at is Monterey Bay Aquarium.

That's my region.

Recently I decided to start a research on phantoms. Yea, it's actually fun to guess why there are here. Funny conclusions.

I need to name them, so lets decide on the Latin word for Phantoms, Phantasma. Sounds like Phant- plasma. Then again, let's name it arcerbus or tenebris, dark. Or arcerbus loligo, and I'll tell you why first you read this Wikipedia article I found on the Internet. Keyword: Phantoms.
Loligo, if you guessed, is squid.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Windows from my Life, oh and RIM

Rare Item Monday today is the Rare,

My sister would have liked two words and change one of them into purple or green.

I wouldn't at all.

Oh, and by the hint yesterday, yes, I am showing you some things in my house... so yea.

I have been working on this Phantom Etch a Sketch for a while, and it is as fuzzy as it looks. I think I'll fix it up some day later.

For some reason I have this in my room. You can't see at all the specks of blood from my attempts to accidentally cut myself mwa haha 
This is a dirt bike if you were wondering.
No, it's not real, but I always liked tigers from the start. Of course, crazyd94 does not really look like a tiger, more like some evil purple phantom thing.
Here you can compare the basketball I got for Christmas and my old Rookie Spalding. There is a very big difference.
This is the laptop I am typing with right now. I did this all on Friday, btw. The mouse on the side is an old one, not a cool black one laced with silver...

In damage currently, but good condition. Just need to find that Tek Dek Screwdriver.
My LG expression 2. Not the best but OK.
I made this a long time ago. It's about Minecraft. :D
On my door. So obvious now.
Guess what is taped on there.
My sister hates the snake, hehe.
Der. Live now=Awesome

The three go together pretty well.
I like basketball, I guess.
How do you throw a foam Nerf ball and take a photo at the same time? Magic.