Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Febuary Story Post: Imprisoned

A gray heron staggered slowly through the dark halls of an eternal underground castle. Guarded by two phantoms and chained with black sticky webs, she stumbled her drooped wings past the others looking on. They jeered louder and louder as she got closer and closer to the coming fate. She didn't have to look up to see; she already knew.

The intelligent of the phantoms had figured out how they were going to reign over Jamaa. The Jammers could beat them no matter what because they could not live forever. So instead they searched for a way to reproduce even though they had no gender. Finally they decided on a much, much easier way, and that was to bring Zios's beloved. How she missed Zios...

Then a blow came to the back of her neck. It was not from a paw or a tentacle. It was pure dark electricity. A grunt came to keep on moving.Two more shocks and it would be lights out for her.

She dared not to lift the slightest of her head. She missed the light,.... the light... what she had only seen a glimpse in her old prison, when a foreign Jammer had seen her they had already spirited her away. They would not make the same mistake again, she thought. She held herself from breaking into sobs: she made that mistake once and she vowed never to do so again. That was the reason that they were here: she wasn't sure how, but the dark souls around her was the culprit to why there was more of them. And the reason why she was here in the first place.

The phantoms had figured out that Cosmo, one of the chosen Alphas (that Zios recommended himself) had discovered a weapon that would help the Jammers easily kill more phantoms without a chomper plant. Thus they decided to make something of their own.

They reached the black altar gleaming a dark violet. The servant to the Phantom King stepped forward and slammed the heron on the altar. The audience leaned to watch and started to murmur among each other.

The servant then yanked out brutally a blue feather from her head. The bystanders gasped, and then started to yell and chant. The servant rushed to the stone table behind her. Pulling a long tarp from it, it uncovered a mess of purple pipes and curly black thorns. It droppped her feather into the base of the pipes before rushing to retrieve another feather too. They inserted an eagle's before floating away to see the coming impact.

There was a few drops of phantom goo squirting out, and before every one, a young phantom floated among the pipes and fiercely stared at the crowd. They were silent, and then broke out into the loudest of screams. Of joy. They preformed various tests and finally comfirmed that the machine worked. The phantoms produced from it were just as great as normal ones, plus the eyes of an eagle and can see Jammers no matter where they were. The heron hung her head and helplessly stood in the joy of phantoms before being flung out with the same gaurds into the night to be transported to her new prison. Her home. Forever.