Thursday, May 14, 2015

Camo Animals and Beta No More

Today you must stretch your eyes to see the magical animals within (unless they're talking). This will be good practice for hunting down any remaining hiders once we invade.
Jammer Snaps: Camouflage
That eagle acting like Mira is making a huge mistake.
Did you know my new mechanical dragon turns the same electric blue as the Mira Emblem's? When I discovered that I decided to put it next to my Mira Emblemso it'll breathe fire over her jam grave.

I pressed it.

I wonder why they even made that anvil thing. In my opinion this is what Jammers would do:

And bowling still does not work. Sad.

That wolf is like my football dude. Do you know what that wolf did later?

Anyways......speaking of camoflage. the sequel continues if you snap a pic of your arty smarty den.

Believe it or not, I'm an artist. 9T is an artist. Ummm........some guy is an artist. Whatever.

Phantastic, Play Wild Beta is over. Somebody beta not take my username before I do. That would be a shame.

Azelfs what would you do if that happened to you 0.0

Anyways wanna do a adventure, so gtg. Angnyongaseyo hwangsang.

(PS thats korean)
(PPS the complicated "a" word is my korean bye. Hwangsang is "phantom", technically ghost so deal with it.)

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