Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Survival Spring + Glitches

Hye, did you survive the first few days? Of course you did, you're reading this, silly me. Either that or you are slowly dying of spring fever, which I hope you aren't because then your cmputer/device will smell really bad.

Just kidding!

Anyways, I know this usually doesn't exist, BUT



For showing great interest in phantoms (like all of you budding phantoms :D)
and having an awesome den with one, and most importantly, for hating Mira.

Lets give a big hand/phantom arm thing to Azelfs!

I'm also sending that Phantom toy ya wanted :D


How to win next year? Send me a Jam-a-Gram: members, send me either check out my den or outfit and maybe we can meet sometime. Nonmembers, send me one that says YOU ARE SO COOL with a phantom stamp.

Anyways, the mysterious Shark Hat apparently comes from the April Fools party, which is located UPSIDE DOWN.

Surprise? A little. But I bet this is connected to a glitch that thankfully happened to my sister.

She goes to Jamaa Township, and what do you know? A few Jamaa Township buildings cut off stranded within a castle den. She walked all around inside and to the normal Jammer on another computer she was walking EVERYWHERE.

Here's a few pics in the normal Jammer's point of veiw:

On her version she was just touring a castle with weird buildings from Jamaa in it. I have some pictures but its on the other computer so some other time.

Speaking of new updates crossed with glitches, this was taken on Thursday.

9T was just minding her own business recycling for gems when she realized:
I bet this has something to do with the new trading things...


Ahem. Well, see ya.

And Dave, you got watch duty tonight.

Monday, March 30, 2015

rare monday

hello peeps as always playing animal jam here is todays rare

yeah lets make an item that can stab ppl in the burittos :D or even better it turns ppl into burittos

here's what i did to liza earlier this morning
she deserves it but she doesn't care she smiling l:(

ok now heres a very interesting animal that idk what hes saying XP
u can c my face lolz ok try to find me in this image
u probaly found me right away but try to find in this one
hint: my tail is sticking out :P
sorry there is not a dumb fact today but heres this cool image with me and fire drums

to be honest the blue fire drum doesn't even look blue it looks more like a aqua marine 
but the bottom is like a dark blue anyway c u on da flip side

and may phantoms be watching u from above

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post

Before the comic I am illegally sneaking in to give Azelfs a word of advice: ENTER THAT DEN CONTEST POSTED AT THE DAILY EXPLORER!!! I CAN SWEAR YOU MIGHT WIN IF YOU DO!!!! DO THE PHANTOM DEN YOU'RE EPICALLY EPIC!!!

OK, now for the comic.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Black Market Post


don't tell my mom


sadly, there is no phantom stuff in spring.


this is crazyd, monitoring the first few days of Survival Spring. Augh, the smell of evil flowers! Gross, there's green and pink and white everywhere. bleeeeeeehhhh

here's a survival hint: keep those flowers out your den and don't ear any too. They may be tempting, but they are true spring death. Don't use trees unless it's the dead kind. And remember: the smell of dead flowers is good for you. Seriously.

Thanks, and hope you all survive this spring!

Dave almost didn't. Dave, you get watch duty today.

Friday, March 27, 2015

hi guys

hello ppl im not posting on my usual time cuz crazy got grounded for a week and will be back on Tuesday.

anyways. im not doing a stupic fact like usual cuz thats only for wednesday, so...

umm well the daily explorer is posting freaking swoopy eagle which is a freaking ripoff of flappy bird.
Swoopy Eagle x2 Gems
if u have a eagle then they change the eagle so if u hit a catus or something like that u die too

i dunno wat my score is

btw wat do i guys think of pokemon black and white
idk y they named it that though it can get racist maybe

anyways that it for today

ltr peeps

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Story Post: The Bridge

Hustled in violet cages roughly, Mira was carried like a package in the dark and smelly bars with an unidentified stench. Recoiling from the smell, she strained her neck to peer behind her, only to gain two inches. Cooped up like a hen in a battery cage, she sighed and squinted at the phantoms. The metal cage suddenly jerked into the one right next to it and the victim in it screeched, and a  flash of feathers rained down around her. She realized some eagles that had been forced to give a feather to contribute to making the phantom sprouter like she had was in the same situation as she was.

The location slowly grew hotter and hotter as the surroundings grew slowly redder and sandier. Mira suddenly knew this place: Zios designed it himself...

Where was the supposed prison she was assigned? She glanced upwards, and the blue of the sky hung above for what seemed like a million miles. That, was of course, the design's purpose, to be able to gaze at the sky and want to bound and soar up there with no bounds. The magic of coral Canyons, of course.

Then she realized what the phantoms were doing.

Hustling one by one they lugged the caged birds pointing to a small isolated building on a ledge up on the top. Because birds can fly, they were the only ones that can get up, and if the birds themselves were trapped up somewhere no one else can reach, they reasoned, they were surely doomed. Mira gaped in horror as they neared the great rock bridge.

She could not notice that her feathers were turning gray and bland, and the soul that helped Mira keep her shape was dying. Tired as she was, slowly the life was failing and flickering like a weak light on a nearly gone candle.

A few Jammers nearby saw the commotion nearing. At first they thought it was a distant new animal that had come to Jamaa. Then they realized it was the phantoms; carrying cages of birds with them. In a rage they picked up weapons to fight, until they discovered the phantoms were armed, too. At that moment, one of the Jammers had an idea.

She was a bunny, and as one she enjoyed hopping. She scampered up the stone bridge of Coral Canyons that normally greeted visitors. Then she arranged all the animals to come and wait for the phantoms.

The phantoms finally came, jeering at their prisoners. They marched through the bridge's opening and then a cry of a small animal pierced the air. They did not care for it, but immediately regretted it. A shower of rocks met them while above a horde of animals hopped up and down in rage. The phantoms were thwarted at this response and then nearly escaped besides being pelted by huge boulders. The cages that held the eagles and Mira broke, and the free birds flapped what they could not in a long time, then took flight. The animals gasped at the amazing display, and shortly, eagles would come to Jamaa.

Even Mira, seeing the Jammers in what felt as an eternity, flushed, and her feathers started to regain a blue color once again. Out stretching her wings she was about to fly off to the Jammers when a rough blow from a fleeing phantoms took her out: and when she came to she was as trapped as she was before, this time without the companionship of the eagles. As frustrated as she was, today was not the day she would be set free, and it would be a long time if she ever did.

The bunny that commanded the animal attack was rewarded with diamonds and rares, which led to a legend that if you break down the bridge of Coral Canyons, the rewards would be the following. Today Jammers still follow this ancient tradition trying to break down a stone bridge, and if you do it hard enough, the eagles rescued from their prison would take flight once more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

hello ppl 9t here is today's blog post
today they brought back to koi pond!

the koi pond use to sell last year during summer when they got rid of it i thought it was gone for ever then they brought it back and i was so happy 8D
not only that they brought back the vanity and mirror which used to be beta but the next day they brought it back and me and crazyd94 weren't to happy
why animal jam why????????????

anyway how many of u know a scammer when u see one i do
ok im done for today and heres today's 
stupid fact

anyway im going to eat a burrito c u guys latr

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


(repeat the title above)



(goes to "do you like the fact AJ is re-selling betas" poll)


I had to work FOREVER to get the only beta I earned in the Forgotten Desert, and THIS is what I get?

Thanks, AJ, for reselling the Mirror and Vanity, which I first immediately thought looked like that Vanity thingy majig they sell in that place in Kimbara.

Anyways, I was repeating the political history of Animal Jam to a newcomer, which I realized is kinda awesome.

For example, a very crucial part of AJ political history HAS to be fman, AJ's technical jaredvaldez.

Which, in case you didn't know, is Roblox's technical fman, only that he copies people, not nessisairly takes entire inventories.

Then they both got banned five billion times.

Then they continually made new avatars to come back, even though jaredvaldez was a little bland.

ORIGINAL: jaredvaldez BANNED
new: jaredvaldez2   BANNED
jaredvaldez3 BANNED
jaredvaldez4 BANNED

fman is much more sensible when it comes to names, but that might just be because of what his goal is.

Anyways, sorry for the fact I have no pictures, I'm in a hurry todays.


Monday, March 23, 2015



Sorry for the short post. 9T was over my house and she and cutielol played like a hour of Best Dressed before she left. So here's the very strange RIM, clover earmuffs. Like we need them now that its spring.
So, today I am gonna do a poll. Starting (checks watch) 5:26 I ask as much ppl as possible to answer: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GAME!


falling phantoms
falling phantoms
claw machine
best dressed
falling phantoms
falling phantoms
falling phantoms
best dressed
eat 'em up
splash and dash

You get the point. So 

3rd:claw, splash and dash, eat 'em up

thx and bye!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post

Today I just wanted to shout out , HEY THERE ISN'T MUCH PHANTOM ART OUT THERE. SO FOR ALL THOSE AWESOME INTERNET ARTISTS THAT INSTEAD DRAW PICTURES OF SPIKES AND WOLVES IN DRAMATIC SCENES (no offense or anything :| ) you may have a chance of being here with a honorable mention of art or something. Surprise me. So far I haven't really seen anything truly epic that I would post it on Pinterest. Here's your Sunday funnies (this time featuring a Mia Lover... sadly my own sister. >:P):

What will happen next? Tune into next week to find out, or flick to the rest of the Sunday Shrt Posts to read more of these.

And continue wondering why the Epic Phantom Throne costs less than a Phantom Throne. And get me both if you can. :D

Bye, and may the Epic Phantoms be with you rather than the normal ones. And Dave.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lets Chat with Crazy:Armor

Before we begin with lets chat, I NEED A PHANTOM THRONE. OK, thanks for listening. Now lets begin.


Armor, in real life, is used to protect people from war injuries and pretty much everything. As the danger of weapons grew larger, so did armor protection. In AJ, they are just for decoration.

The mist common place to get armor is mostly in the diamond shop. There are all kinds, everything from ice to phoenix (which left, sadly.) But because all of them are for decoration, they cannot actually defend their wearer from phantoms. They also prove worthless when you scratch the web, except for some gloves and phantom gauntlets.

The phantom armor, the best kind, is gained fairly by playing the Search for Greely five times. My kind of armor: by playing ADVENTURES? Awesome.

In every armor set there are a head armor, or helmet, a body armor (called armor :| ), legs armor, called gauntlets, tail armor, and finally, amulets, which don't do anything.

Here's a comparison of different armor.

First the head.
In this ... "expensive" style of armor it actually looks a little strange. It may not look the best on everyone, but good enough for most.

A faerie like example. A single stone stands out on the sharp hood, displaying its mysticalness all over.

This is a... what do you call it... Asiany? Manga-y? Whatever you call it, its pure unmelting ice from top to bottom with carefully arranged visor and mouthgard. Perfect for the general with a heart of pure ice.

Finally we have the very... unprotective helmet. The spirit stone on the top makes the traditional swirly square thingy. No visor, no nothing. Just that.

Now for the body armor, the most expensive.
This gold plated, diamond encrusted, royal themed armor reminds me of a stegosaurus. Battle and blind your enemies plus brag how rich you are.

Complete with faerie wings, this "sparkly" green and orange/pink/salmon colored armor is for people who are not really into fighting, just magic.

With wings that can't fly, this epic ice bird armor may receive a few sword scars, but otherwise has awesome pale blue glow to its cold feathers. Again, if you have a cold heart, you need to protect it.

You can't really tell the difference between the helmet a little bit, but again lets look at the basicness. The only thing that really stands out is the spirit stone thing on the chest area.

Now the gauntlets!

What do you suppose is the claws made from? If its diamonds then you can SCRATCH pretty darn hard with them, even if they won't work scratching phantom webs.

They don't look very efficient  at defending, but toe and ankle armor, though.

Covers the entire thing, complete with swirlies.

the only one that only has one gauntlet.

With spiky diamonds sticking out of the gold, slap enemies with your tail to defeat them hehe

Reminds me of a bunch of leaves hugging...

more weird runes. And a blaze of spirit.

Spiky icicles protrude out of this. get it now.

The amulet has no importance, so I'm gonna close this up now. May the phantoms be with you!