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We all hate it when we get scammed. Of course, sometimes its not your fault. When you get hacked like epiclatios (aka Nine T), THAT'S A PROBLEM. When you got scammed of something when a person tricks you, sure, that's wrong, but of course you have to be pretty careful and smart to prevent accidents.

This page is dedicated to helping those in need of care. Either fill out this form

 or for whatever reason you cannot, save this "document" and fill it out by editing it in MS Paint and send it to , or find some other way to show me the picture. REMEMBER I LOOK AT ALL COMMENTS, SO BE CREATIVE.

Then we'll see if we can hook you up to one of our awesome volunteers, and they can send you ONE GIFT OF THEIR CHOICE.

You can only be signed for this agreement ONE GIFT PER USER. You maybe have to adjust to prevent scamming happen EVER AGAIN.

If you have been hacked, please set up a new account and tell us the username. We will help you get started again!

If you would like to be a volunteer, remember to comment below saying your EMAIL (Gmail is preferred) and username for AJ OR a link to a Google Docs that will be our communication. If not we can chat on the comments publicly. If you decide to join, we will give you a top secret phantom badge that only is for scamming volunteers that you can download and laugh evily to yourself!

Please be honest, because this scamming effort was only made for helping relieve scammed Jammers temporarily. I have considered the consequences of making this effort which was that there would now be another ay to So please don't, I say, OR ELSE MAY THE PHANTOMS TURN YOU INTO A BURRITO.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Plus, I'm in the mood for a burrito. :P


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