Saturday, April 18, 2015

Creepy Fox and Armor

Lookee here, we have our good friend three horned armor.

OK, for a short topic lets first go with the idea: looks are ALMOST EVERYTHING.

well, acts are everything. But looks encourage it.

So anyways, what I'm going on about is that when you are going undercover as a Jammer investigating Mira before she does anything stupid against us (plus your boss said you will get a raise afterwards) there's gonna be pesky Jammers all over the place going like: "TRADE ME RARE SPIKE LONG BLACK" into your ear (I think I'll give you an electric shock instead). So how to aviod this nonsense:

  1. Get a creepy animal. What I mean with that is something mysteriously awesome, like fox or artic. If you can do a wolf. Think of a "creepy" elephant or rhino: aka the creepy part is more of that they're going to step on you. Here's my fantastic Mr. Fox: 
Fedoras and mysterious cloaks work very well. Also make your namecard black with the phantom mark. If you are a nonmember then deck your wolf with a sword and phantom gauntlets. Here's another example:

The term "fierce" and "mysterious"are very useful (and wanted) in Jamaa. But looks like these won't just make yourself epic.

2. BLOCK OFF ALL OF UNWANTED ATTENTION. Turn off your buddy requests and game requests if you haven't already, lock your den, and take everything off your trade list. Now people can only talk to you rather than annoying you. If any of your buddies goes to your den tell them to get out (nicely) and if they don't know you're a phantom don't tell them. You may get reported off of your job and your boss will get angry.

3. Approach Jammers the right way. When they go like "What are you doing?" there are two ways you can handle this.

If you are too friendly (or talk at all) it will kill off any mysteriousness. Like fmna, use emonicons ONLY or read too much classical novels to come up with some stupid and smart sounding phrase to deliver.

4. When you are hiding or cooling down you have to make it look...awesome. Mysterious. Fierce. Brave. Strong. EPICER THAN JAMMERS. 

When foxes hide wearing a fedora, it is just too easy.

Artics and wolves have it much harder. If they sleep they end up sprawled around the floor. Not good. So what do they do?

Well, wolves are reallllllllllllly skinny, to be honest. So....sitting up won't be much a problem :D

Artics? I think you are on your own.

5. Do your job right and you'll get your raise. Sorta promised.