Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weapons: Animal Jam's selection of weaponry

For some reason I'm in the mood of weapons and armor. Today I will do weapons.

Ahh, weapons. The beautiful word and tool. I love mine already.
Black and Blue are my favorite color BTW. Black is my evil mode color. Swords are my weapon of choice. Fighting is my cardio.
Anyways we are going to find most of the weapons I'm going to go to the place where they sell the most weapons. Epic Wonders, where else?
Epic Wonders, in case you didn't know, is in Coral Canyons and IN A WATERFALL.You can't miss it.

When you come in you should see some gold bricks, a blue Epic Wonders Orb( which you click on to buy expensive den stuff) and if you're really observant, two horse engravings on the door way. Go up the stairs and you'll find a green Epic Wonders Orb. This sells weapons and clothing.

Hmm hmm hmm, wings, rings, Pharoah's headress, ahh, here it is. Crossbow! Good for direct and easy aiming.

Here's dual Samurai Swords if you don't like ninjas.

Everyone loves the bows and arrows!
Today's funny picture is,..
And news. Today when I went across the Sarepia Forest I accidently came across a wolf clan that didn't care for intruders. So when they told me to leave I stood there while they "ripped me and made me bleed". Then people started coming while the clan started leaving. This is what I did:
It's kind of weird that now Wretched Clevercat got mad at me and is role playing from a book. Then he took his anger out so me and ninjago31280 are now forest guards of Kilimanjaro.
Then alot of people got Mira.

And so ends a story in Sarephia. I'll talk about more later. Until then. see ya!

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