Friday, April 10, 2015

Trading "Tips" and Brief view on scamming

Daily Explorer has trading tips. The pic is between two very large tailed animals...Trading Safely

Sorry Daily Explorer, but I'm pretty sure we can tell what is rare or not. Seriously. But the diamond thing actually helps, though.

Not a good trade, if you ask me.

Anyways, because I spent a hunk of time with Azelfs again and so time went by. So brief details about scamming.

Imagine, jut for fun, you decided to test your honesty. So you say "trade me I always decline" and put bad stuff on trade. People begin to do so thus you become amused at the things that happen, Then a random person trades you a spike for a necklace. You then stare at the screen bewildered. This is the first time someone has offered you a spike (assume it, ok) and the chance is right under your index finger (unless you use your mouse weirdly). You cannot help but hover the cursor over "yes" a few times before clicking on it once. When they ask you if you want to trade you shake as you slowly press "ok". A swirling symbol greets you to a "You got a Rare Spike Collar" and when you realize you have just scammed quickly you dash to log out.

Boomseed, you have just scammed someone without meaning it.

DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly this is what effects very sad people once rare now with billions of necklaces.

Even if you are very honest, it still happens.

Message: NEVER EVER EVER FLASH TRADE OR DO ANYTHING LIKE THE SCENARIO ABOVE, PEOPLE. Or actually DO the thing above. That can be sad.

May the phantoms be with you.

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