Saturday, April 11, 2015

Funny Pics, Pinterest, amd Oil Pastels

Sorry for the short post. Anyways, reminder for Survival Spring is don't buy a gardening hat. Who knows what can be in that thing besides that flower?!!

And now funny pics,...

how true
Greely's an exception. Cosmo and Liza are not. Graham I shouldn't blame, the old geezer.

Can't wait to see Sir Gilbert someday. I bet he won't walk either. They all use teleportation.

Quote by Azelfs: (playing Search for Greely) Wait, why can't Greely just teleported out of there?
Reply by crazy: (playing Search for Greely too) wow we did this really long adventure for nothing why Alphas why?!!!!!

Either that or the phantoms have seriously powerful jail chamber crystals.

I hope its the last door.

Anyways some glitches.

For some reason I happened to spot a Splash and Dash normal mode sign in the Arcade.
No, I believe I came over there to see some games before relizing this. Don't believe its not moving with me? Fine, here's another picture.
There. A floating Splash and Dash achievement. Completly still and unmoving.

Then if you fly in the right place, you get a new name tag!

And some phantom dumped darkness in the Adventure Base Camp. Oh, Dave? That was you? No it was one the phantoms on sale DIE DAVE
As far as I am concerned the floor in the programming is supposed to be walkable. The drawings that stand out are not.

Anyways thanks, phantoms, who got revenge on the Adventure Base Camp. Do this every day, please.

Anyways, here's a drawing in order to say sorry for a video Azelfs and I made for fun about Mira.


No I am not amused by it but I hope other people will.


And yeah.


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