Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post

First go to the Daily Explorer for some updates. Busybusybusy
Click here for a link to the Daily Explorer.

Sorry Azelfs I hope you're fine with me and you with a troll face :|

And awesome video with Azelfs 'bout Mira. It's actually a "I Hate Mira" vid and includes some (ok, fine, alot) of violence. So don't watch unless

  • you hate Mira
  • you are over the age of 13
hehe one more
  • (optional) you are one of the actors (crazy or Azelfs)
Because neither of us qualifies for the second rule 0.0

Ok, here it is.
"Destroying Mira" (and the thumbnail, lol, is "...and that weird Aztec sun guy") XD

Then we FINALLY get the Phantom Shirt back! YESSSSSS WE'RE SAVED FROM SPRING!!!!

And now for the comic.

Starring 9T, who donated the wolf thingy herself.

I did everything, btw. She only did the wolf and the sword.

(Behind the scenes: I secretly wanted her to bring her other sword, aka a lightsaber and get kidnapped by intergalactic phantoms in the universe. She did not. >:| )

I may not be here tommarow but actually I think I will. SEE YA BRUH

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