Monday, April 20, 2015

RIM and Chatting with Crazy: The return of the Chat

Today's RIM is a little strange, to be honest its not very "fancy"either.

You can't even change its color.

Anyways remember that glitch where cutielol45 started to walk over Jamaa?

Here's the pics in her point of view:

A phantom attack of the day: an anonymous phantom mask wearer hides his/her nametag in cutie's den and says: "cool"
The he/she leaves.

And finally the chat: about chat. Again. This is really just an excuse to pull off some very weird deciphering activity.

Because it is really hard to communicate with no free chat, you have to be really good at what people try to tell you. For example:
Sent by Azelfs. Think of what "victory"and "blossom"are.

keep thinking. 



"Victory" is video. "Blossom" is blog. She was talking about Destroying Mira vid that at the moment I hadn't uploaded it. See how complicated???

Next is the one I have no idea what she is talking about...

I can tell she is low on stuff and needs something from me but what the phantoms is the "black item"?

See ya I gotta go.

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