Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi guys! It's cutielol45 again and today crazyd94 is busy today (obiously fridays) and i will be subbing for crazy! (I offered) :) Anyways, The news:
So in Jam Mart clothing they sell these weird (no offense) Pearl Braclets, and you can change the colors (if u are a member) to,:  light pink, pink, light blue, light green, black, red, light purple, and white. They can be worn on the neck, that is why they are called necklaces. 
Okay, now the Daily Explorer;

Safety 4-24-2015
Okay, that is it! I hope you enjoyed! If you don't know me, my user is cutielol45 if you want to know, and (im a member btw) I hope you enjoy! Byeeee and have a great day!
Btw guys I will try to make a post tag of a member but i dont have tine so ya! Byeee for real this time!

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