Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greely with a Problem + Reality in Adventures

To introduct you to how much Greely hates us, lets begin with this comic. (sorry if you can't see the second panel very well)

OK, now you get the idea (if you ignored my comments) that Greely does not like us (or the Jammers. hint hint :D). So (besides that he really is kissing "danger") why is that?

I'm not your average social person, if you ask me. You get that, right (hint: who still plays AJ at this age besides 9T who is one year older than me)? Plus that means I'm considered a "geek" and 9T, who likes Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, a "weirdo". (Don't forget I'm also supposed to be a "nerd" too. Yeah getting honor roll is messed up nowadays.)

Anways as far as I'm concerned, the real reason why people are trying to get kids to be social is because they will know nothing about their peers and in the future can't communicate or understand each other (I honestly, disagree :) )

Speaking of can't communicate, today we are experiencing technical difficulties in AJ.

5 minutes later
Ummm ok then..

Bye may the phantoms be with you.

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