Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ring o' Fire, penguinies and the Touch Pool: Wrong Message?

I haven't been recording the Summer Carnival Prizes in a while now, but they have increased awesomeness by a whopping 1000 ticket item...DA RING OF FIRAAAA
I think I have heard of this when we talk earthquake (we are in California, people. Earthquakes are normal parts of life) but lets not ruin the fun of the carnival with earth tectonics.

I just happen to notice whatever they sell is circus things rather than Carnival stuff. And I'm pretty sure they're not the same.

Next we have a gathering of Penguinies for rock and sissies and papa.

Why orange? This is like a flash mob or something.
There's also something new in the Sarepia today....

Finally I wanted to point out that the Touch pool in Tierney's Aqairium is kinda.......cruel.

It wasn't my fault....all I did was touch it,....then it explodes...technically I got the money from a stranger....but hes dead now....

Bye, guys!

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