Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tips to Writing

Todays News Crew is a tribute to Kimbara Outback, a sorta unpopular topic which decreased the amount of people entering. I'm guessing this one has quite a few grammar errors.
News Crew
I have two memes to share that I made recently:

Finally, some news in my real life: I have been chosen to take a special writing class at our school where we publish the yearbook, newpaper, etc. Thus, now writing is generally part of my life, and thanks for all the support we got from you phantoms to AJPB and blah blah blah. Whatever. The main idea is, thanks. For staying with us.

And as a treat, if you're interested in winning the next News Crew, here's some tips to follow:

  • Even if you hate it, its beta off being cheesy through and through. Use simple, friendly language.
  • Use the cheesy AJ slogans. Seriously.
  • Look to other news crew as examples.

See ya guys!

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