Thursday, May 28, 2015

Newssssss and French?

Well, I learned alot more French than I needed, but at least I know some words and some make sense.

For example, "news" is "info", "pets" are "familiers" (and if you know too much about Night of the Phantoms and know nothing about the acient Halloween legends, a familiar is a cat belonging to a witch), and their "Pen Pal" achivement (when you write your first letter to someone) is "correspondent".

Anyways, its time for one of our favorite times of the year, SUMMMMMMER!!!!!!!!!!! Now that spring is nearly over, you just need to eat some phantom cotton candy and you'll be one of the lucky few that'll survive in the end!

And where will we get our epic phantom cotton candy, I suppose???
 Hey, there's a phantom growing out of that horse's head...

Anyways, welcome to the place where you shoot phantoms for 500 points, get annoyed at the phantom that goes like "haHA" whenever you miss in the the Dunk Tunk, and continue being mean to phantoms.

How does those phantoms NOT zap Jammers in their booth when they're sitting on that chair free bounded???
Yayyyyy more questions. More gems. Yayyyyyyy.

another theater! As if we needed more. Their video thing is pretty laggy so I don't bother watching unless its REALLY, REALLY worth it.
Finally, quote by phantom: "GET OUT OF HERE!". SO LONG, OTTERS!!!!!!!!!!

And now they have set Jamaa in a wild scavenger hunt around Jamaa looking for an image......when will they ever learn...

and they also decide to show us the jam spring bunny. STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Its the last I'll ever see you again, Spring Bunny.

See ya phantasmas!

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