Friday, May 29, 2015

New Parties?!!! and Shrt Posts

Our summer carnival is bigger and beta than before, with an added fire pit campfire thing, and of course, a bounce house. DUhhhhhh

Sadly you can actually walk on the fire, so...

Speaking of weird things, today at 5:00 at our area a Spooky party was held, which was extremely weird and ... well.... spooky.

A Halloween thing in May! Huh.

I wasn't able to get a screenshot on this computer, but I did get to adopt a pet bat and show you!
Speaking of screen shots, AJ demonstrates that today.
Jammer Tip: Screenshot

Question of the day: about the purple game module thingy!!!

What is this mysterious floating purple video game controller thing here for? Why is it purple, and why is it glowing/burning and what is the violet stuff around it?!!

Spoiler Alert: the new animal according to some random Jammers is a ....

See yaaaaaaa

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