Friday, April 17, 2015

Phantom Art (AGAIN)

Aha, here's the horn helmet. I was expecting this.
Anyways for today I decided to record a little bit so in replacement I decided to show you a

Here's a cyber phantom. It was a dare to draw two things I liked combined together to make something epic. So here I did so: computers and phantoms (DUH)
Awesome? Not awesome? What do you think?

(P.S. I do actually know binary >:D)

And now for some surrealisim.
Supposed to represent Mira slowly dying from the Phantoms. In the story posts you might notice she's doind a very certain thing like the feather above which is my explaination of whether she is a blue heron or not. Either way I explain like so.

PS. Is that another drawing behind it? AHHH

Yes I am about to finish a very special epic one that is probably just the beginning of "Phantom Paradise" with an entirely new character. Perhaps I'll write the story post in my b-day month (or my b-day date) for you guys.

(BTW, Eventually there's gonna be a free story post featuring Azelfs around this year. Probably in about two more story posts there is a special one featuring Mira and Azelfs who finally meet. Why? GO BACK TO PHANTOM OF THE YEAR THING POST IF YOU DON'T KNOW.)

And bye!

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