Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hiiiiiiiiii Escape from Spring Break

Hey guys I've escaped and is on a phone for a first time hehe

Sad no pics.

Well on AJ I believe there's a sports thing. awesome there's sports not as good as phantoms though.

Well today I've thought about why phantoms do glitches, to be honest. If AJ still doesn't stop blaming them for doing glitches, then what us the purpose of probably losing a lot of power that could be used for beta purposes like bigger projects such as the captivity of the Alphas and to regain control of Jamaal (I so bet this is possible) Remember the adventure base camp dark flood? If THE HIVE adventure just boomseed against it or some other reason that's just a definition for boring. But maybe if the phantoms were the cause for it then what could be the meaning of it? Like maybe revenge against the place where the most destruction of phantom work reside, and such. Anyways before I go, to wrap it up the true art of phantoms in conclusion at least is their architecture and glirltfhes, which can be both good and bad.


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