Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lets Chat with Crazy:Armor

Before we begin with lets chat, I NEED A PHANTOM THRONE. OK, thanks for listening. Now lets begin.


Armor, in real life, is used to protect people from war injuries and pretty much everything. As the danger of weapons grew larger, so did armor protection. In AJ, they are just for decoration.

The mist common place to get armor is mostly in the diamond shop. There are all kinds, everything from ice to phoenix (which left, sadly.) But because all of them are for decoration, they cannot actually defend their wearer from phantoms. They also prove worthless when you scratch the web, except for some gloves and phantom gauntlets.

The phantom armor, the best kind, is gained fairly by playing the Search for Greely five times. My kind of armor: by playing ADVENTURES? Awesome.

In every armor set there are a head armor, or helmet, a body armor (called armor :| ), legs armor, called gauntlets, tail armor, and finally, amulets, which don't do anything.

Here's a comparison of different armor.

First the head.
In this ... "expensive" style of armor it actually looks a little strange. It may not look the best on everyone, but good enough for most.

A faerie like example. A single stone stands out on the sharp hood, displaying its mysticalness all over.

This is a... what do you call it... Asiany? Manga-y? Whatever you call it, its pure unmelting ice from top to bottom with carefully arranged visor and mouthgard. Perfect for the general with a heart of pure ice.

Finally we have the very... unprotective helmet. The spirit stone on the top makes the traditional swirly square thingy. No visor, no nothing. Just that.

Now for the body armor, the most expensive.
This gold plated, diamond encrusted, royal themed armor reminds me of a stegosaurus. Battle and blind your enemies plus brag how rich you are.

Complete with faerie wings, this "sparkly" green and orange/pink/salmon colored armor is for people who are not really into fighting, just magic.

With wings that can't fly, this epic ice bird armor may receive a few sword scars, but otherwise has awesome pale blue glow to its cold feathers. Again, if you have a cold heart, you need to protect it.

You can't really tell the difference between the helmet a little bit, but again lets look at the basicness. The only thing that really stands out is the spirit stone thing on the chest area.

Now the gauntlets!

What do you suppose is the claws made from? If its diamonds then you can SCRATCH pretty darn hard with them, even if they won't work scratching phantom webs.

They don't look very efficient  at defending, but toe and ankle armor, though.

Covers the entire thing, complete with swirlies.

the only one that only has one gauntlet.

With spiky diamonds sticking out of the gold, slap enemies with your tail to defeat them hehe

Reminds me of a bunch of leaves hugging...

more weird runes. And a blaze of spirit.

Spiky icicles protrude out of this. get it now.

The amulet has no importance, so I'm gonna close this up now. May the phantoms be with you!

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