Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happi "Lucky Day"

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to ouy

That sounds good.

Sing that to annoy your friends. Then say OI OI OI.

Or OY. That's good too.

Anyways AJ did nothing too special in advance to sell except for this throne that was exclusively for the king of luckiness (horn fanfare in the distance). In Irish it means "this would have been more epic if it was for phantoms. :D

I hear some of you (hint hint) want to be on this blog. The requirements SHOULD be if you are someone I don't know, are the following:

  • must have a blog/been on AJ News Crew 
  • must have an email
  • MUST MUST MUST have a fond love of phantoms
If you ever want to apply for a position at the Council of Phantoms, you probably want to email us saying you wanna write for us. Include a link to the former blog and/or the AJ News Crew post at the Daily Explorer you won, plus your email.

If you are someone I know and are good friends you probably already qualify, and all you need is a good writing voice and an email.

If you qualify and are elected for the position I will send you the guidelines to blogging, the day you are assigned to post and the invitation. It's actually possible to get kicked off if the quality of your writing is low, so you beta be a good writer or else don't bother.

Anyways now back to the luckiness. Please don't pinch me I like wearing black in advance.

Even though my favorite color is blue.

And green.

And silver.


Remember that weird AJ comic? What do you suppose is gonna be next?

May the phantoms be with you.

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