Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bah Humbug. Spring >:P. And News.

Yesterday the Daily Explorer was displaying Jammer Artwork that has crossed two opposite things together: spring and phantoms. Oh the humanity.
Jammer Art: Phantom Flowers

Spring, to be exact, is the lowest point of the year.

Our traditional greeting, is to dress up as Alphas and brutally throw electric shocks at each other while throwing darts at Mira surrounded by dead flowers.

What a great tradition!

Anyways Jamaa was already grimly decorated with flowers and trees, blah blah blah, and Mira's back...

No, wait: THAT'S the lowest point of the year.



And spring, to be exact, is starting tomorrow.


Anyways, we have news.
 Big chinned cats are back! Goody.
 And for some reason, they say the trading system is even beta. Hmm. I have my suspicions...
 New game,... hmm. I like the "X".
 Same old armor... blah blah blah

And returning party! Guess that is it.

You know when days turn against you? This happened here to this lion.
Lion Flat

Thx, bye.

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