Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post

First of all, lets get over two phantom pictures I made.

Simple 6 legged phantom made with MS Paint. This was made at the starter base of my phantom memorabilia. I just realized that it has six legs though. Kinda lamish.

The Dark Fire sign. Creepy red moon that looks like one of those Communist sign thingies. No, the white thing on top of it is not a blunt white moon. Or a squished U. Or a sideways c. It's a Phantom, for phantom's sake.
My favorite, phantom going into beast mode >:D
Or battle armor style >:D
Made with MS Paint like the other two.

There is gonna be a special surprise tomorrow, btw. In honor of our 100th post day, I will present to you a phantom surprise that will go with this blog pretty well >:D

Here's a hint: BLACKOUT

Another hint to help you.

No, it does not have to do with this. >:D

THAT'S ALL!!!!!!


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