Saturday, February 7, 2015

Project Phantasma: The "Legs".

OK, the day is here. As you know, I have to give my report on Phantom Legs today.
But of course, before we begin, new claw!
Now, for the report.
Project Phantasma: The Legs

As you can see, an average phantom has 8 leg-like thingies, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. The bottom seem more useful to floating, in an up-down propelling motion, and because the phantom is pretty loose in mass,(light) it can generate enough motion to push up briefly. When it "runs", it makes a noise that is similar to a helicopter and spins its legs aroundandaroundandaround. What makes it move forward as it runs? It may be the top antennae controlling the air around it. A common thing we see sometimes is the phantom "walking", usually when it is guarding something or coming back to its guarding spot after chasing a Jammer. Perhaps it is friction underneath it when it makes a walking motion. Because when Phantoms float anyways and have to move, it can be terribly difficult.

What about the top antennae? This is maybe sensors that help it determine its surroundings due to its disability to see Jammers very well. It probably not suitable to complete dark.

Thank you if you actually read all of that. ;D

May the Phantoms be with you.

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