Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Brady Barr's gotta vid, and it's about snakes!
It actually was published in September, so what the phantoms is Daily Explorer talking about today?

Oh wells.

For todays post, heyo! Whatcha doing todays?

I know this is not a very important thing, so thats why I'm starting Heyo, a random point-out that aren't as serious as chattings with Crazy.

You can tell a lot from a person's clothing.

Lets go to a typical Aldan, perhaps.
We see nothing from imitators. For example, we see a fman follower right in front of me. We do see some "rare" person right on my left.

Excuse me, nonmemebersrock.
"Rare" people don't really have any great looks. Maybe they look a little cool, but no actual awesome personality. nonmemebersrock, no I am not critizing you. I bet you have an awesome animal besides that one.

Ooh, yes, perfect.
Admit it, non member girls. You always do something like that. Bows and arrows, sometimes fox hat, wolf, and golden tail armor. Oh, yes, you do. Probably getting the legendary huntress gist, maybes? Thx friendfor, if you really got scammed and are reading this right now, feel free to ask me for anything.


like a sorry gift

Heyo, here's a blank slate!
If they are something like an artic wolf, that looks nooby, it means this guy is the seed to awesome. Don't judge yet!!

Here are two confused.

Getting there, though I don't blame you for being a non member. There's not really anything to but thats super cool.

Ahh, heres a OK look!
Eh, it is made up of contrasting rare things, in black and blue. OK...
Here's almost the same things, not more rare as the one on top. These two are OK.

Almost everywhere is people who randomly put boring clashes of something. Yeah, its OK, but I want to see something AWESOME. Or special.

Like a artic in flashes of incomplete pheonix armor and red/orange. 

Or me...

May the phantoms be with you.

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