Thursday, February 19, 2015

New News and Ponies.........

Well, congratulatoins, my little pony lovers. Now that ponies are here, you guys can celebrate. And get off this phantom blog. JK, we love all viewers. Except stalkers and hackers. If you are any of those, pack your bags and MOVE OUT OF THE STATE AND GO TO THE LOST CITY OF ALANTIS.


 Yikes, all they need now is that mark stamp thing on their butt. Hey, why ponies, not horses? Since when did AJ call them ponies? Aren't ponies like spotted horsies or something?!!
 One of the popular animals is leaving,.... sad.....

of course they're gonna come back some day at some point.
 Whoopee, owls can play the Forgotten Desert. Like that makes any difference for non-members, Seriously. And quick, play Special Delivery. Who knows, I am pretty sure AJ is gonna keep on going with this holiday maze thing for next year.
And apparently for the last page of this short issue, AJ reminds us to buy pizza. Yayyyyy. Oh, and has chef hats been released? SNICKETY KOOKY HERO WHY SNEAKERS. Starnge name...

Hey look! Look at this awesome theme! This is what happened when my "Shockwave Flash" crashed!
"Invasion of the Phantoms attacking a puzzle piece"

I'm totally posting this on Pinterest!

Oh, and I leveled up.

Oh, wells, I beta be recording when I level up to my sweet sixteen.

Or whatever they call it...

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