Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Phantasma: Technology and OTHER STUFF

Check it out, phantom lovers! It's a phantom's paradise.

This is like my dream den.

Ironically, there's a spotlight and RAINBOW over the phantom hideout, so I feel you, Alzelfs. Thx for totally sending me a buddy request for no reason but Phantoms! WHOO!

Just make sure Team Mira doesn't come there, cuz there's a very very,.... __________ thing that might kill you.

And speaking of phantoms, here's the Project Phantasma report.

And my favorite, too!

Project Phantasma: Their Technology
For all phantom lovers, their technology and weapons are one of the awesomest things in Jamaa today. Here's two links,...

Click here for a Google search with the keywords "animal jam phantoms weapons" and click here for one of my blog posts that has a point about their tech.
Image result for phantom pods animal jam
First of all, some of their tech isn't really even tech.
Technically those are just stuff they cam make (don't ask me how, cuz it probably is gross.)

However what we DO know is that their tech is something that blocks our way and prevents us from coming across (though we still do).

One of the first things you think about of weapons and tech is the old favorite, PHANTOM WATCHERS!!!

To think about it, it actually is pretty awesome. It appears to be a phantom "head" shooting a electric laser from its eye!!!

Then there's the phantom gate. There is a couple variations but those are the ones that ACTUALLY prevent you from coming across. And there's a phantom portal too, but that is probably just a portal they hacked or manipualted. Or maybe......

May the phantoms be with you.

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  1. Uhh, its Azelfs, not alzelfs.


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