Monday, January 5, 2015

RIM and Let's Chat with Crazy:Jamming not Scamming Part 1

Darn it. Rare Deer Antlers. I guessed wrong.
if you like green and deer clap your paws
OK, and now I started this thing called Let's Chat with Crazy, just when AJ has no updates and I'm bored.

Hey, I'm in a Brazilian Server again.
This happens when ever you go to a party nowadays.

Anyways we begin the chat.

Scamming, is one of the most annoyingest thing in the history of trading.
Whereas getting new items exists, scamming exists. It's just that simple.

Ever been scammed? Did you get a chance to report that person, or he/she got away with your rare/beta/worthless thing/cool thing?

Sadly, there is no such thing as a scammer detector. There could be a scammer in this picture.
Do we have any way of knowing for sure a person is a scammer? We have no way of telling except for their words and actions.

Aka when they actually scam.

So you wouldn't want to find a scammer the hard way.

How do you avoid scamming? If you're not dumb you can avoid the obvious.

(Gift me I will gift right back!!!)

(Twenty Diamonds code, my den!)

FYI, there is no ten diamonds code.
More about this is the next chat.

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